5 Benefits of Respite Care Services

In today’s frenetic world and almost zero time to muse, your elderly parents at home may not get the attention and care they need. Though nursing services can happen round the clock, not everyone will like having a nurse loitering around, hindering their privacy. In such cases, your elderly parents may require care and assistance only when you aren’t nearby. Approximately 25% of the Canberran population is aged over 65 and, ageing in place increases the risks of possible age-related health concerns. For short-term and occasional care, you can seek respite care in Canberra at homes or within the elderly communities.

Why switch to respite care service?

While respite caregivers can drop in when you aren’t at home to assist elders, there are quite some edges of hiring such services. Here is how respite care can be mutually beneficial,

1. An escape from being isolated

Around 30% of the Australian elders living in residential areas have stress disorders! Not surprisingly, the inducing factor is the age and the feeling of being isolated. As they age, elders may feel less connected to the current world with technology and social advancements. Respite care in Canberra can help them come out of such traumas. Caregivers ultimately turn to their friends who accompany them for at least a few hours a day! The feeling that there is someone to listen to and care for eventually helps relieve anxiety, stimulating mental health.

Mutually, unlike typical nurses, respite caregivers get breaks on their duty. They have ample time to build their family relationships, go out on vacation, rest while ill and still assist elders concurrently. One way, respite caregivers turn financially independent and help out elders smile and feel loved!

2. Prevent accidents

The risks of a possible slip and fall accident are higher when elders are alone! With a basic rule that with ageing, they turn susceptible to accidents, there increases a need for extra care when they are alone! Some of them may even find it arduous to dress up and do the laundry. Doing them anyway can pull out fatigue which can pave the way to other complications of age. In such cases, you may not need a nurse 24/7 but a respite caregiver who can assist in the meagre chores they do.

3. Assess early signs

Your aged parents might suffer from health concerns and be on medications for the same! Staying in respite care communities exposes them to professional caregivers, who can also carry out some essential diagnoses, check for early symptoms from a mild accident! Also, since respite caregivers occasionally meet their patients, they can quickly assess a change in their health patterns. Eventually, subjecting them to further treatment cuts down the possibilities of potential health complications later.

4. Assist during downtimes

Staying in a respite community can aid elders to pass through their recovery phase post-trauma or surgery quickly! Since most times they might be on sedatives, they wouldn’t need around the clock service. So, respite caregivers can have occasional checks on them, pay a reminder for medicines and assist them in bathing. By doing so, their downtime may minimise with more trivial discomfort and more love! You have to know about Workplace safety program.

5. Old Age transition made easy

Another prime reason for anxiety among the aged group is that sometimes they feel helpless and curse themselves for their old age! They fall emotionally weak, and all they’d need now is some care from a reliable individual. Respite caregivers aren’t just trained but are also professionals who cope with every action and challenges faced by the elderly.

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