5 Features to Look For in a Petrol Water Pump

The primary function of a water pump is to move water from one place to another. In Kenya, the most common water pump is engine-driven which operates using a combustion engine. The engine runs by either diesel or petrol. This article focuses on petrol water pumps and some features to check for before buying one.

Petrol water pumps are popular in Kenya because of how versatile they are. They do not need electricity to operate, making them useful in remote areas and other places with no grid power. Their designs are compact, and this feature makes them easy to carry.

Petrol water pumps are ideal because they are efficient, easy to maintain, and are less costly than other water pumps. Petrol water pumps differ from each other in terms of engine strength, efficiency, and capacity. When looking for irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya, popular options are diesel or petrol water pumps. Below are some basic features to look for when purchasing a water pump.

  1. The inlet and outlet size

The size of the inlet and outlet of a water pump is significant because it directly affects the flow rate of the water. This flow rate is the amount of water pumped at a specific time interval.

Petrol water pumps come with different inlet and outlet sizes. They usually range between 1 to 6 inches. It allows customers to choose a water pump that meets their needs, whether for extensive commercial use or personal use.

  1. The maximum lift head

The maximum lift head is the full height of water a water pump can transfer from one place to another while considering gravity. The maximum head required is usually different depending on the use of the water pump.

It is advisable that when buying a petrol water pump, you should ensure that the maximum lift head of the water pump is always higher than the maximum height you require to transfer water. However, you can connect the pumps in series in extreme circumstances.

  1. The quality of the pump’s engine

The water pump engine is an essential feature because it provides the mechanical energy required to pump the water. The quality of the machine is why there are different petrol water pump prices in Kenya.

It is wise to check on the company’s reviews before buying the pump. It will help you know the reputation of the brand and the reliability and performance of the engine.

  1. The vertical suction

This feature is all about how deep the engine can pull water from a source. Petrol water pumps come in different suction units because water pumps serve various purposes.

It would be best to use a petrol water pump with a long vertical lift for draining water from deep and vast water bodies. It is also wise to use a long suction unit for large bodies of water with slanted walls.

  1. Self-Priming

Some petrol water pumps come with the self-priming feature. It means that you don’t need to fill the pipe with water for the pump to start draining.

Ensure you go for petrol water pumps with this feature because it saves time, and it can be exhausting to fill the pipe with water each time you want to use the water pump, primarily if you use it frequently.


Petrol water pumps are potent, and they can outperform electrical water pumps in many ways. They are versatile, come with many design features, and have powerful engines. Always check on its components to ensure you buy a petrol water pump that suits your needs. For more, check davis and shirtliff water pumps prices.

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