5 Helpful Tips for Planning a Trip to Orlando

Orlando is the ultimate tourist destination, fully equipped with world-class dining, theme parks, and nearby beaches. You can ensure that your family getaway is the vacation of a lifetime by putting thought into your trip.

If you aren’t meticulous when planning a trip to Orlando you can miss out on some amazing deals and excursions. Keep reading to learn more about how to plan a trip to Orlando.

1. Stick to Your Budget

Before you map out your Orlando vacation you need to finalize a budget. Planning a trip to Orlando on a budget can be difficult. In tourist-heavy areas, such as Orlando many prices are inflated, so it is important to adjust your spending expectations to your budget before you go.

Being mindful about your spending is different than picking at pennies, many Orlando attractions have hidden affordable gems. If you are traveling in the “off-season” you can take advantage of lower prices used to keep foot traffic up.

2. Pick the Lodging Near the Attractions

When you are picking a lodging solution, you need to find a place that is close to your attractions and accommodating for your family’s ideal vacation. Many resorts near the theme parks offer shuttle services and easy access so you can save on parking. If you are staying nearby you can maximize your time at the parks.

3. Book Early for Theme Parks and Attractions

When you are booking tickets for theme parks and attractions the earlier you can get tickets the better. Not only are these theme parks packed during the vacation season, but sometimes reach capacity if you wait too long.

Theme parks and other attractions sometimes offer better deals if you book in advance, rather than purchasing at the gate. Booking early also allows you to shop around and get connected to a discount ticket site.

4. Give Yourself Down Time 

Vacation lets you take time off to recharge. However, many tourists can get so caught up with crafting a jam-packed itinerary that they neglect rest. Vacation should help you combat burnout, so downtime is a must.

Many resorts offer a variety of included activities and amenities that can save you money. Westgate Resorts offers paddle boating, mini-golf, a fitness center, and more. These features can make a day of rest and recovery even more enjoyable.

5. Make Dining Reservations

Orlando offers a wide variety of dining options, however, if you want to eat at Universal CityWalk or Disney Springs reservations can fill up very quickly. Nearly all of these dining options will allow you to cancel penalty-free. With a reservation, you can be reassured that you have a spot at a great dining experience.

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Be Prepared When Planning a Trip to Orlando 

Since Orlando is a major tourist destination, putting time into planning out the experience on the front end can make a world of difference. If you keep these five tips in mind when planning a trip to Orlando you will have an organized and enjoyable trip.

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