5 Must-Have Gear for Elk Hunting This Season

Elk hunting is a really big deal. You need all the gears you can lay your hands on without over-packing. One mistake, and you may find yourself coming back empty handed, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s why I’m sharing with you the tools you absolutely need for successful elk hunting. 

So, let’s get started!

What to Take for Elk Hunting


By this, I mean quality boots. Believe me; nothing can ruin your hunt faster than a pair of bad boots that are either too tight or made with low quality materials. Elk hunting involves a lot of movement through harsh environments, and the weather may be fickle. So, make sure you get durable shoes with great ankle support and waterproof lining for rainy days.

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Generally, having a full rubber rand resoling done is a great idea for climbing and mountain hunting, even if it’ll cost you a little bit of money. But that beats wearing it out, and you can also use it for many seasons once you’ve gotten around to breaking it in. 

In short, getting a great shoe is the best thing you can do for yourself or an elk hunting trip. My favorite is the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Insulated Hiking Boots.


Elk hunting out in the mountain means you have to be ready for anything. There are many contingencies you need to prepare yourself, and there’s no better way to prepare than with a backpack. Usually, I prefer a backpack that can carry all my gear. Is it just easier to carry everything at once, you know? I also ensure that my backpack is not too big to carry or it defeats the whole purpose. 

I also make sure that my backpack can be used to successfully carry a substantial part of the meat off the mountain. Elks are big, you know? And it’ll be really stressful if you have to make several trips up and down the mountain to get the meat down.

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Spotting Scope

If you’re going to be hunting with a rifle, a great hunting scope is a must have as part of your gear. There are many types of scope on the market, but the ones you really need are those with great magnifying capacities. 

For example, for elk hunting which usually takes place in an environment that’s neither too confined nor too wide, a hunting scope between 5-8x magnification is just the thing. You can find a list of the best hunting scopes at

Another thing you should watch out for is the capacity of the objective lens. How big it is will help you spot the elk very clearly while you’re hunting.

Hunting scopes are great tools. You will even be able to get the best spotting scope under 500 dollars from the website.

Game Bags

If you’re lucky and your hunting trip is a success, you’ll have to carry your meat home, and this may prove difficult without a durable game bag. Not only will your meat stand the risk of attracting flies without a game bag to serve as a container, but it may also be unable to cool down because your makeshift container does not accommodate breeze. And you know what happens to meat when it’s too hot.

If you get a durable bag, you may be able to use it for a long time before you get another one. In that period, you’d have done whatever meat you hunt in a world of good.


Let’s be honest, hunting elk may take you more than one day to accomplish, and you may find yourself having to stay in rough terrain overnight. At this point, nothing is likely to kill your vibe more than the knowledge that you don’t have a place to recuperate.

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The comfort will definitely keep you on your A-Game and perfectly relaxed for your elk hunting. If the hunting takes many days, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

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