5 reasons to use an online proxy

When you connect to the Internet, your computer’s server contacts the website’s server, proves that you are trustworthy, and gains access to the site. This usually happens in a few seconds or less. For those who do not like it when the Internet tracks their movement, a web proxy acts as a shield, protecting their identity. Instead of connecting directly to the site, you connect to an online proxy, which then connects to your internet destination. A web proxy acts as an intermediary between your computer and its destination. You can connect a proxy at, for example. Here’s why you should use a web proxy.

5 reasons to use an online proxy

1. Manage Internet Access

Proxy servers can control user access to the Internet. You can configure them to block sites with content that you find inappropriate for children or employees who are easily distracted. Alternatively, you can program them to check all web requests if you want to log what your employees are doing online all day long.

2. Increased privacy

The proxy site changes your IP address and other identifying information, so your personal information remains private. The server you are connecting to will not know who you are, and even if it stores the IP address and information that it will be a proxy browser and not your computer.

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3. Access to blocked sites

While you can use a proxy to restrict access to certain websites, they in turn can use a proxy to access blocked websites. If they have access to a proxy server, they can enter the blocked site through that browser. The IP address of their workstation will reflect the address of their proxy server, they can freely navigate your forbidden sites, despite the restrictions of your proxy.

4. Boost your speed and save traffic

Web proxies cache web pages. If multiple employees visit the same site frequently, instead of submitting, someone connects, the proxy can easily fetch the site from the cache. This saves bandwidth and increases speed.

5. Increased security

You can set up a proxy server to encrypt requests to the server. Many organizations combine a proxy server with a VPN. In addition, proxies prevent servers from accessing most types of negative programs to the server and the network through the connection, which increases your security.

The real business benefit is the ability to block websites and filter incoming content. If you are considering using a web proxy, be sure to check the provider carefully and find out how and where your data will be stored.

Do you need your own proxy server?

To give an exact answer, you must first decide what you will do on the Internet. If you only need to hide your own IP address, then a VPN is enough. But, if you need to collect a large amount of information, and be safe and anonymous, then you cannot do without a proxy.

There is a limit on the collection of information from the web server. Using your own proxy, you can easily get away from this, and collect information in the amount you need.

If you have such work, then you will definitely need your own proxy server, perhaps more than one.

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