6 Shocking Facts About Untreated Drug Addiction

Seeking treatment is a vital part of beating drug addiction. What happens when you don’t seek help? It affects your relationships, your body, your mind, and in the end, you could lose your life. When you avoid drug addiction treatment, you risk damaging yourself, and it will stay with you for the years to come.

The Suicide Rate Is Higher

When you avoid treatment, you continue to use substances that damage the brain and ensure that you can’t think properly. Depression and anxiety are high, as well as suicidal thoughts. Because of this, the fatality rate for avoiding getting help is up by fifty percent. It has been deduced that more than forty percent of suicides are drug-related. Whether abusing drugs and not getting help or dealing with other ramifications from using.

You Can Experience Total Organ Failure

Drug use can lead to total organ failure if left untreated. That is one of the reasons that drug addiction treatment is so necessary. The two common parts of the body affected are the heart and liver, but most people don’t realize that those are not the only areas that get involved. Your brain, kidneys, lungs, and more are all affected.

Drug Addiction Is Considered To Be A Mental Illness

It is considered a chronic and mental illness when you classify drug addiction. The cognitive component is due to the way the dependence influences you. Because you crave the Northern Illinois Recovery Center you lose control over when and how you use your chosen drug and your involvement when you keep using despite it hurting you.

Addiction Is Not A Singular Issue, And You Need Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction rarely acts alone, and there can be a host of other issues behind why someone is using the way they are. For instance, someone with Pure OCD could abuse drugs to quiet their mind. An eating disorder patient could abuse drugs to feed their disorder. These examples have happened in many cases. Other situations becoming more familiar with drug addiction are anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

It Might Be Genetic

Drug addiction treatment is necessary to an addiction like this. Through therapy and online addiction treatment, you can find that research shows that environmental factors can cause genetic changes and that your genes are an area in your family history that can play a part in how and why you are addicted. The genetics passed down through families and changes contribute to your development and how you could become addicted to drugs.

You, Will, Look Like A Different Person

Drugs affect your appearance, which is another reason you should obtain drug addiction treatment. Your eyes will be bloodshot, and your skin will be gray. When this occurs, you can also experience acne and sagging areas of the skin. In addition to this, you can have rotten teeth, jaundiced-looking skin (if it hasn’t gone gray), and diminished energy, causing you to look and feel weak.

Drug Addiction Treatment Can Help

The facts listed above are shocking, but you don’t have to wait until this happens to your body. Gaining the help that you need will ensure that you save your life and prevent permanent damage. Remember, it’s not just your body that suffers; it’s your mental health and brain and how it functions. Take the next step and obtain the right help to ensure a safer future.

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