7 Professional Certifications That Will Help You Earn More

Are you looking for a better job? Or, maybe you just want to get a pay raise at the job you currently have. No matter what your reason is, professional certifications could help.

Going back to school for another degree isn’t always the answer when you want to earn more and advance your career. Instead, there are quick certifications that pay well and boost your value.

Not sure where to begin? Here are 7 professional certifications to consider.

1. Certified Nurse Assistant

If you’re interested in the healthcare industry, you don’t have to spend years in medical school. Within about 12 weeks, you can become a certified nurse assistant (CNA). You’ll earn more than $30,000 per year, too.

CNAs work with nurses and patients to provide adequate patient care. They can also perform basic nursing tasks. CNAs often work in hospitals or assisted living facilities.

2. Project Mangagement Certification

Do you have strong leadership skills? Prove them by getting a project management certificate. It’ll demonstrate that you understand how to approach and manage company projects.

3. Emergency Medical Technician Certification

Respond to 9-1-1 and other emergency calls as an emergency medical technician (EMT). You can become one in under 6 months by obtaining an EMT certificate. You’ll attend classes and get hands-on training.

Before getting your certificate, you’ll take a national registry exam. Afterward, you can earn over $40,000 a year!

4. Google Certifications

If you’re in digital fields like marketing or software engineering, you’ll benefit from certifications from Google. They’re some of the best online professional certificates to get.

You could get educated on digital advertising with AdWords. When you’re tweaking a website’s SEO, use Analytics to help you understand what you’re doing.

5. Bookkeeper Certification

Showcase your finance knowledge by getting a bookkeeper certification. By doing so, you’ll earn the expertise and accolades necessary to succeed as an accountant.  You’ll increase your earning potential, too.

To get this certificate, you should have a solid understanding of accounting principles, forecasting, and budgeting. There are multiple certification programs, but your career goals and education influence the one you’ll enroll in.

6. Medical Coder Certification

Among all the professional certifications that pay well, medical coders are some of the most in-demand. To become one, enroll in a program that’ll take a minimum of 6 months to finish. Once you complete it, you can earn over $48,000 per year.

Certified medical coders convert patient medical charts into data. That data gets used for billing and insurance purposes.

7. Air Traffic Controller Certification

If you have at least 3 years of work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination, you can get certified as an air traffic controller. Know that it can take up to 4 years to complete the program, though. But, when you do, you can earn over $120,000 a year!

Consider One of These Professional Certifications

So, what are the best professional certifications to have? It depends on the career you want and how much you’d like to earn, but they’ll all help you advance. Consider obtaining one of these professional certifications to boost your career today!

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