8 Reasons Why Skylights are the Best Idea for Your Commercial Space in 2021!

Working in an office or warehouse setting can be dreary if the lighting isn’t up to standard. A few years back the general idea was to add many rows of fluorescent lights which can be awkward to work under for extensive periods.

These days, many commercial building owners are looking for alternatives to the more traditional fluorescent lighting solutions. While natural lighting is nothing new, the popularity of the skylights Sydney contractors are installing has greatly increased.

Excellent Reasons to Consider Skylights in Your Office Space

There are several reasons to consider adding skylights to your workspace. Whether you have a store-type setting, warehouse or you’re simply looking to modernise your current office space, installing skylights is an ideal solution!

Read on to see some of the more common reasons why changing your dreary overhead lights to some strategically placed skylights is a good idea.

1. Reduced Utility Costs

Studies have shown that lighting constitutes about 50% of energy use in Australian homes and office spaces. This is largely a result of lights being on 24/7 in most office and warehouse settings. The quickest way to cut this cost is to install skylights.

Skylights replace artificial lights with natural light from the sun. Eliminating the need for artificial light will result in much lower utility costs and by doing this, your company will also reduce its carbon footprint.

2. Improve Office Aesthetic

When you think of your work environment, you might envision a space that’s either dated in its design or artificial looking with its hanging lights and lack of windows. If you’re looking for the most effective way to modernise your office aesthetic and give it a more modern vibe, skylight installation will do that for you.

3. Reduce Office Stress Levels

Many work environments can be incredibly stressful. Dealing with deadlines, customer orders and inter-office issues all provide a great deal of stress. Natural light is not only a mood enhancer but a known stress-reducer. Replacing the majority, if not all, of your current lighting with commercial skylights will undoubtedly add a great deal of sunlight to your workspace.

Spending the bulk of our day under artificial lighting isn’t good for your health. And, if there’s one thing you need in a work environment, it’s a healthy workforce! Exposure to natural sunlight has the following advantages:

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Increases general motivation and mental wellbeing and lowers seasonal depression
  • Reduces consistent exposure to fluorescent lighting

4. Increased Work Productivity

It might sound far-fetched to say that the natural light produced by commercial skylights can increase productivity. But the correlation comes from the added exposure to vitamin D and B12, both of which you get from sunlight.

Since natural light flooding into your workspace improves moods, it might be ideal to place some strategic skylights above the space where tensions could ordinarily run high. For instance, if you have a design team, constantly under pressure to meet deadlines, the introduction of some natural light will boost moods which in turn makes the creative juices flow!

5. Improved Health

Some medical studies have shown that consistent exposure to artificial lighting increases cortisol levels in the blood. Excessive cortisol levels are often linked to fatigue, bone loss, muscle weakness and a host of other cognitive issues.

Artificial lighting is ideal for adding a certain degree of light to your space. However, the natural light you get from strategically placed commercial skylights goes a long way to enhancing workforce wellbeing. Employees will perform better when they’re happy!

6. Environmentally Friendly

With the added strain on our planet, many business owners are feeling the need to minimise their carbon footprint. One of the easiest ways to do this is to replace your artificial lighting options with quality skylight solutions.

Commercial skylights greatly decrease the earth’s emissions and thereby also the need for electric and fluorescent lighting. Since skylights don’t work with lightbulbs, the need to change and dispose of used light bulbs is greatly reduced. Using skylight installation to support your sustainable living initiative will go a long way to improve your general business image.

7. Passive Heating

During colder months, a well placed skylight is an effective way of adding extra warmth to a space naturally.

Leaving the skylight blinds open is a way to direct sunlight to where you need it most. This will ultimately reduce the need for artificial heating in most buildings. Passive heating is also a way to increase the savings on your energy bill!

8. Improves Resell Options

It’s no secret that installing skylights greatly increases the property value of your space. Investing in high-performance modern skylights creates an opportunity to add resell or rental value to the property. It’s a good idea to consider including them in your next upgrade or remodel!

Final Thought

If you’re thinking of upgrading your office space, commercial lighting must definitely be on your list. Many reputable skylight dealers have a wide variety of styles and solutions specifically designed to enhance your workspace.

With the many benefits associates with commercial skylights, there’s only one question you should be asking yourself. And that’s how soon you’ll be doing the installation?

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