A Helpful Guide When Planning a Funeral for the First Time

If you’re pre-planning a funeral, it helps to know how to prepare for the planning. You will have to think of a theme for your funeral, choose a casket, and decide on burial or cremation. You’ll find it easier to make some of these decisions if you know how much you want to spend.

Making a Selection From the Caskets Featured Online

Whether you’re planning a cremation or burial, you’ll need to choose a casket. You will find that a casket comes in various materials and designs. So, you’ll be able to find one that meets your likes and preferences.

A casket differs from a coffin as it is designed differently. While a casket is rectangular, a coffin is often more elaborate as it features a hexagonal design. A coffin is wider at the top and tapers to a narrower width toward the bottom. Therefore, it is designed to support the human form.

Caskets display handles that make them easier to carry than coffins, which feature “coffin furniture.” Coffin furniture is made up of hardware such as grips and metal plates. If you’re seeking a more contemporary look, visit the site collections of caskets and check out the styles online. You can also design your casket if you’d like.

Unlike coffins, where you can remove the lid, a casket’s lid is hinged. This also makes it less cumbersome to handle. This is important to note when you’re planning a funeral for the first time.

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Featured Casket Materials

You can choose caskets in various materials, some of which you can mix. For instance, solid wood caskets are featured in hardwoods such as maple, oak, and pecan or may feature an all-wood softwood design such as pine.

You can also choose metals such as carbon or stainless steel or opt for copper or bronze. Some funeral pre-planners might design a casket made of wood, such as oak, and combine it with a metal such as bronze or brass.

You can choose a cloth lining, such as satin or velvet, and you can even find caskets made of a sturdy cloth design. Therefore, when preplanning a funeral, it’s helpful to know about these options beforehand so you can think about that perfect design.

Before selecting a casket and an urn, you’ll need to figure out the place for interment or burial. You’ll also have to consider the theme and the music.

Selecting the Theme for the Funeral

Do you want to hold a religious service, or do you want your funeral to highlight a favorite pastime or hobby? If you’re a veteran, you may want to have a military funeral and burial.

What to Ask

To begin the pre planning process, you’ll need to ask some fundamental questions, as follows:

  • Where will the funeral be held – church, funeral home, or gravesite?
  • Will the service include a visitation, a viewing, or a wake?
  • Will I need an urn or just a casket?

Some people who preplan a funeral may want to hold a memorial service. If you choose to do so, you’ll need to figure out where it will be held.

Create a Checklist

Whether you’re preplanning a funeral for yourself or planning a funeral for the first time for a loved one, it helps to create a checklist. Ask the above questions and make your casket and urn selections according to the funeral’s theme and planned events.

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