Affordable Vacation Ideas

Finding the time and money to get away can be difficult; the more that you need the break, the harder it can be to take it! However, you can find affordable vacation ideas that will give your spirit a break without breaking your budget. For instance,if a trip to the sin city is in your bucket-list of must-visit destination,then simply book an affordable storage space like Vegas luggage storage and drop your heavy bags just so that you can enjoy the vega experience to the maximum.

Tackle Your Biggest Pain

What really hurts in your life right now? Are you tired, stressed out, and edgy with family and friends? Overloading your vacation with stuff to do is probably not your best idea. Instead, try to focus on your biggest pain. If you’re sick of cold and snow, get a cheap flight to the desert southwest and snuggle into a rental house with a pool. Lay in the sun, warm your bones, and smash your alarm clock (or at least, leave it at home.)

What Are You Curious About?

Have you always wanted to drive Route 66? Do you love road trips? Have you always wondered what life in New York City would be like? Plan your vacation in a very small area and really dig into what you’re curious about. Find the closest scenic byway to your house and look for a vacation rental with the amenities you need. Pack in food, snuggle in, and stay put.

If you love the idea of being in the city, look for a studio vacation rental. Once you drop off your suitcase, walk around the block. Shop for good coffee and a few groceries, then go back to the apartment and plan your next outing. Take the subway, or just walk to your destinations. Dig into what it feels like to be a big city dweller.

You may love the idea of being as far from a city as possible. Why not rent a tree house for you and your family to stay in? This will be pretty rustic, but there are great places where you can pack in food, games, and DVD’s for your clan to enjoy. You can even plan a stay in a place with no internet access so you are forced to unplug.

Consider Your Dreams

Many people are fascinated by the idea of tiny home living, especially in retirement. Rent a Tiny Away near you, or in a climate that you really need to feel right now, and settle into a tiny house to get a feeling for the room.

Many tiny homes are settled in on the host’s property, though you may not be able to see their home. If you want connection, you can reach out. If you are happy to stay put and enjoy the isolation, you can do that too! Many tiny homes are located on grounds that may include farm and even livestock. If you’ve never been close to a llama or a goat, make sure you check in with your host on the best way to connect with your temporary neighbors. Bring your sunscreen, a few books, and any special groceries you need. Make sure you save room in your cooler for local treats!

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