Best Salesforce Alternatives for CRM

What do you call someone who’s indifferent? Yes, he’s got his head in the clouds. Such a state of mind sure shows some benefits occasionally. Like when you are in a fix, and you can’t seem to find an answer. Taking a short break in such situations helps sometimes. But as a business owner, time is always ticking, you got clients waiting, and real money is at stake. So the question is can you afford to have your head in the clouds? Salesforce says you can! With seven clouds, “that’s the number of cloud servers operating on salesforces now” resting over your head, sending numerous divine CRM blessings on each second your business is running. Who can blame you now for chilling out at your pool with a glass of martini in your hand & all the confidence in the word your business is thriving with salesforce. Martini isn’t cheap, though, same as graceful Salesforce services, so what are the chances for those who can only afford a few shots or a couple of sodas? Can they sleep confidently at night as well? Let’s find out.

Salesforce Best alternatives:

HubSpot CRM

As an ever-free solution, the CRM platform from HubSpot directly enriches and enhances sales teams’ operations through nurturing their pipelines with endless data intuitively & smoothly as a burst of beautiful sunshine on the beach. It runs quietly on the backstage of your already functioning other tools and showers sales reps with powerful insight capabilities unrivaled by any other free CRM solution (and even best, most of the paid ones, for that matter). So whichever kind of relationship you have with your customers (individual, B2B, or B2C business) & whatever your industry may be, rest assured, with the HubSpot CRM module, you will be able to do a lot, doing it fast and as easy & complex free as it can ever be. if you want to buld some web application like stunning forms,custom documents etc you can check Salesforce document generation


Have you ever paid for a one-way ticket on a train? Probably did, then you must know how it feels to want to reach your destination the fastest, safest, and the surest way possible. Now, that’s exactly what Pipedrive is offering you. A sure one-way sales interaction leads sales reps to close deals the fastest & most accurate way ever. Pipedrive gives you a one-way enjoyable ride through its highly intuitive and UI friendly platform with optimized drag & drop contacts capability and the pleasure of importing your customer lists from any previous platform with a single touch. The process on Pipedrive is categorized as Idea – contact made – needs discovered – proposal presented – in negotiation – Won. This is how the Pipeline train looks like, so I hope you enjoy the ride.

Zoho CRM

As another Expert choice winner for 2015, Zoho CRM’s real power lies in versatility on sources from which you can import prospects; it can be regular or external sources such as websites, landing pages or forms, and trade shows, direct emails, or seminars. Besides its excellent daily sales tasks & lead scoring capabilities. Zoho CRM can fully interact with social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Tracking users` behavior and actions to categorize them into prospects & leads allow for additional sales opportunities. Besides is a graceful connection with Google Apps & a specifically dedicated mobile edition for Android and iOS users, which helps staying in control of customers at all times. Speaking of a Zoho can go for days… better go check it out yourself & tell us what else you found.


What truly distinguishes this unique all-in-one CRM platform is its exceptionally detailed level of analysis & reporting data for customers (pipeline, territory, email reports, and much more). Besides, Freshsales enjoys an advanced suite of features such as auto-dialers, call recording, call routing, and affiliate management, through which you can phone contact clients and report calls for extra ways of driving data and pipelining individual information. Freshsales can distribute, nurture, score, divide and verify leads through multiple communication channels along with lead capture capability. With Freshsales, there is no need to utilize various programs to get the job done. Freshsales has combined all functions of top-grade CRM systems & created its own way of optimizing sales, prioritizing pipeline opportunities, and revealing rich insights, making it a robust system for high-velocity sales teams.


This was only scratching the surface to the market-leading CRM platform salesforce best alternatives. There are still even more choices out there, such as Insightly, Nimble, Microsoft Dynamics 365, bpm online CRM, Base CRM, Sugar CRM, and the list goes long; all these wonderful products offer top tier CRM solutions each in its own way & perspectives. So the real question here is how to make a choice. It’s simple; Pricing is key. & when you know your needs and know your budget, you will surely come out with the most successful choice for your business.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article.

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