Business Generation; Breaking the Jargon

When it comes to business development, there are many avenues that can be chosen to generate results whether looking for more leads, more exposure, or even more sales – it can be confusing when a business development agency throws a number of different terms around, so some jargon busting can help better understand exactly what is involved in business development, from lead generation to staff training and everything in between.

Lead generation is often the most represented tool in the arsenal of business developers, it’s all encompassing and ticks off many boxes. There are different approaches for lead generation, cold calling has been the go-to for the longest time and is still a very effective method as it pushes for volume but doesn’t always target the most responsive recipients.

Email marketing has become another form of lead generation that over time has become very effective, it can be more targeted towards those looking for these specific services and with online protections like GDPR removes much of the spam but can be done with the same levels of volume and with some of the same levels of response, but there’s often nothing like the human touch that comes with a call.

Other important factors of business development that aren’t just focused on lead generation include team training – fortunately there isn’t as much jargon with training to be misunderstood as it’s a very straightforward concept – if the team are better equipped to handle incoming queries and leads that are generated through lead generation, then the service provided is in turn improved too.

What may fall into the jargon side of things however is how consultancy and training is handled amongst processes, but a well-established business development agency should have all the tools necessary to ensure a smooth onloading of training for teams and a clear understanding of the entire process.

Any form of business development should be included as a sound strategy for growth and change, but understanding the process is just as important too. Breaking the jargon above with the likes of lead generation and consultancy are only the first step to seeing a clearer picture and not feel lost at sea when trying to navigate everything encompassing the activity.

The next steps after getting to grips with business development is targeting exactly what to do next, nurturing all leads generated and finding the benefits that come from either B2B, B2C, or other forms of business development that make it a great venture for businesses.

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