Can I play bingo at an online casino?

The game of bingo has seen a rise and fall in its popularity. It seemed that the game was on the out in the early 2000’s as most casino games found a new home at online casinos – check out Fishing Frenzy.

Bingo was not really seen as a casino game, though. Where can you find a game of bingo and can you play bingo online at an online casino?

Bingo halls

It may sound unbelievable, or a little outdated, however it is still possible to play a game of bingo at a real, brick and mortar bingo hall. There certainly aren’t as many as there used to be but you can still find bingo halls.

They operate the same as they ever did and are still one of the best ways to enjoy bingo as a night out.

Bingo sites

When bingo looked to go the way of the dodo, its most passionate players found a new home for it. In 2005 the first online bingo site was created in the UK and the game saw a steady rise in popularity again.

Now, there are websites exclusively dedicated to housing online versions of bingo and the amount of variations is staggering. There are different themes, bingo games with different stakes and even live bingo games that try to recreate the feel of an old fashioned bingo hall, right in the comfort of your own home.

Sound good? You can try online bingo at sites like:

  •         Heart bingo
  •         Mecca Bingo
  •         888 ladies
  •         Gala Bingo
  •         Mr Q Bingo and many more

With its sharp rise in popularity, it didn’t take long for bingo start being taken seriously once again.

Playing Online Bingo at an online casino

Now, online casinos are getting in on the bingo action. The same sites that house games of poker, blackjack, slots and more now feature bingo as a legitimate game in which to gamble.

New developers are even getting in on the game and the amount of people playing bingo online has risen by 18% in the last two years. That number is expected to keep on growing.

Online casinos that feature bingo as game include:

  •         Pink Casino
  •         Karamba
  •         Rainbow Riches Casino
  •         Coral
  •         Virgin Games
  •         Energy Casino

With all of these new homes for online bingo, you would be a fool to be a bingo fan and not want to give the online version a try. There are even welcome offers available for players that simply want to give these games a try. So, what are you waiting for?


It has been a long road for the game of bingo however there are still plenty of homes for the beloved game.

From the traditional bingo halls to websites dedicated to bingo, there are still so many different places to play the game.

With its rise in popularity, you can even play bingo at a serious online casino. Like it or not, it looks like online bingo is here to stay.

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