Car Makeover 101

Have you been itching for a new car, but you know it’s not realistically in your budget right now? Thrifty folks are discovering how satisfying and economical a car makeover can be. A car makeover may sound expensive and out of your skillset at first, but the truth is a car makeover can be really inexpensive and simple to pull off. Keep reading to find out if a car makeover is for you. 

What Is A Car Makeover?

A car makeover works just like a home makeover or a personal makeover. Basically, you evaluate what you have to work with, and then you make a few changes to improve the look, efficiency, or performance of your car. Car makeovers can be in-depth covering every aspect of your vehicle, or it can be a few simple changes that just make a big difference in the way your car looks and how you feel in it. Sometimes even a small improvement can make you fall in love with your vehicle all over again. Let’s look at a few ways you can start a car makeover of your own. 


Never underestimate the power of a great detail job. Sometimes we get bored with our vehicles and think we really need something new and shiny when really all we needed to do was give our vehicle the TLC it deserves. Start your car makeover with a professional-grade detail job. This will restore a lot of your car’s original charm and help you truly see what you have to work with. Some people realize after having their car detailed that it feels like new to them again, and they lose their desire for a different car after all. 


You may think the interior that your car came with is simply what you are stuck with forever. Not true. There are plenty of ways you can change up the interior of your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to change the look of your interior is with seat covers. Seat covers can change the color and texture of your interior seating. Want to give your cloth seats a leather feel? You can do that. Want to really show your personality with camo seat covers? You can do that do. How about adding a bold splash of color to an otherwise drab ride? All of this is possible by simply adding fitted seat covers to your interior seating. 

Another way to change up the interior of your car is through floor coverings. Over time, a vehicle’s interior carpeting starts to wear down and change color. You can really improve the look of your vehicle floors by getting custom-fitted mats or coverings. Many of these coverings are made of heavy-duty materials which will not only improve the appearance of your interior but will also make cleaning your floors a breeze. 


You can also spice up your car’s appearance with accessories. Rims, tires, fenders, and spoilers are all accessories you could find from TDot Performance Parts which you can use to jazz up your ride and really express your personality.


If the exterior of your car has seen better days, then maybe it is time for a paint job. A paint job can restore your vehicle to its former glory. If you really want to go with something entirely different, choose a brand new color to give yourself that new car experience. Paint jobs are far less expensive than the cost of a new vehicle. This is also a good time to look into getting dings and dents repaired. This can increase the resale value of your vehicle as well as improve its appearance.

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