Caring For The Best Inflatable Kayaks

Did you buy the best inflatable kayaks you could find, and now seek ways to maintain them? Then this article is for you. Your small boat will last longer if it is taken care of appropriately. Its maintenance is essential to you. When you are done with them, you shouldn’t just get them out of the ocean, roll them up, and store them. Your ride won’t even last up to a fake boat. Its durability is dependent on how well you take care of it.

Before we jump into maintenance, we will briefly discuss some styles you could go for if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

Designs to Buy

Before you start caring for the best inflatable kayaks, you have to own one at least. There are several types of kayaks styles. We will give an overview of the four main designs.

  • Sit-in style: They offer high stability and are easy to paddle. Sit-in styles are suitable for tourists, and they provide extra space for storing equipment and tools.
  • Sit-on style: They are open-designed and are easy to drive. Sit-on types have a high center of gravity, which limits their usage.
  • Self-bailing style: They are ideal for faster-moving water conditions. They have drainage holes that allow water to pass in and out.
  • Tandem style: These designs are perfect for group paddling. They have multiple seats and are generally more stable due to their extra length.

Maintaining Inflatable Kayaks

Even the best inflatable kayaks won’t last long without proper maintenance. So, you should try to follow these steps for your boat’s longevity.

1. Clean.

After riding, you should not just pack up your kayak. Clean every debris, dirt, or sand out of the valves—clean its body with warm water and mild soap. Things like oil and hard stains build upon the body of even the best inflatable kayaks. So, give it a good scrub now and then.

2. Rinse.

This step is best done with fresh water. Saltwater can corrode the material of your boat, damaging it over time. If you ride on saltwater, you should not miss rinsing after every ride.

Water bodies contain many chemicals like industrial wastes, toxic fuels, and diesel. These chemicals eat through your boats if they are not adequately rinsed.

3. Dry.

Ensure to dry your boats. Sure, some of the best inflatable kayaks may have a hydrophobic coating, but that shouldn’t deter you.

Bring a towel or an old cloth with you so that you don’t have an excuse not to dry your boat. Compared with rinsing with water, wiping with a towel will reach more areas where moulds and mildew can hide. Exposure to heat and sunlight harms your ride. We would recommend that you don’t use sunlight as a means to dry.

4. Fold.

The best inflatable kayaks are usually sturdier than their counterparts, but still fold them with care. Consider folding loosely and in a different location each time. Folding at a particular spot could cause that area to crease, weakening your ride.


Even the best inflatable kayaks need a certain amount of maintenance for their longevity. Consider putting in extra effort when caring for them. See you next time.

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