Choosing the Fashionable Look: Top Trends

Today, looking fashionable is not all about wearing the latest or coolest trends, choosing expensive outfits, or mastering complicated fashion tricks. At the end of the day, who has money for all this? The most fashionable trends are the ones that are easy to wear while giving the impression that you made an effort to get that look. 

Whether you want to attend those daily meetings on zoom, go out to run a few errands, dinner, and weekend outings with your pals or you want to pull that official outfit, you will need an outfit that makes you stand out while feeling some sense of comfort and ease. 

With that said, most people think that it’s hard to choose a fashionable outfit — that’s correct but to some extent. In this post, we shall discuss the top trends to help achieve that fashionable look. While some of these trends might look very simple, they can go a long way towards changing how you dress. Let’s delve in!

Avoid buying outfits for a single occasion

Well, everyone has been in this situation. A Christmas party, wedding, weekend outing with old schoolmates, or a family reunion. Heading to such an occasion, most feel that it’s important to get something special for an outfit. However, most people make one great mistake when purchasing outfits for special occasions—buying an outfit that they will never wear again. 

Rather than buying an outfit for a specific event, you should get something versatile, which you can wear on other different occasions. Choosing a simple and classic outfit is the secret here. When you choose such kinds of outfits, you’ll find it easier to wear them again on other occasions. When you accessorize such an outfit well, you’ll never feel like you are wearing the same outfit. 

Balance your outfit

Yes, it’s important to balance what you wear on your top and bottom. Although those runway models might pull off an outfit with a tight or loose outfit, you shouldn’t copy them. For most people, a fashionable appearance comes by balancing what we wear. 

Therefore, it’s essential to choose an outfit where the bottom and top match each other. For instance, if you choose to wear a loose shirt, consider pairing it with tight pants. And if you wear a full skirt, or wide-leg pants, partner it with a cropped or fitted top. 

Invest in outfits that are ideal for your body

It requires planned shopping for one to have a wardrobe full of fashionable outfits. Mostly, this calls for one to invest in outfit designs that fit their body shape. In case you are not sure what kind of outfits are ideal for your body, look at some of the outfits that you feel comfortable and easy wearing. 

So, if that peplum top, empire waist dress, or high-rise skinny pants look good on you, consider buying more outfits with the same shape. Then, you can make the outfit more interesting by experimenting with different colors, embellishments, or fabrics, while being confident that you look great. 

Take your time to find new fashion brands 

One of the major reasons why most people struggle in looking stylish is by being comfortable or attached to specific shops. While it’s important to have favorite shops that you trust and know that you can never lack any outfit, it’s advisable that you try out something new. 

Today, there are hundreds of new and amazing brands hitting the market every day—and you are yet to discover them. From more affordable brands to high-end designer brands, you don’t know what you will find from these fashion brands. At the end of the day, you might end up with an outfit that’s very special and stylish—which can be a plus for you. 

Try mixing different patterns

If you didn’t know, patterns provide an opportunity to add some fun and life to your closet—and mixing patterns makes this more exciting. Therefore, if you’ve been stuck to the same basic colors for the past few years, it’s time for a change.

Some bold patterns like stripes, checks, gingham, and florals, among others, can give you an updated fashion look. All you need to do is to ensure that your patterns don’t clash, but they complement. To achieve this, consider choosing a focal design, and then accent the outfit with another design. On the other hand, you can go for two different patterns, with complimentary or matching color palettes. 

Don’t forget jackets!

Did you know that jackets are essential for your wardrobe? Yes, you will need several if you want to stay on top of your fashion game. A denim jacket, leather jacket, and blazer are three important designs that you shouldn’t lack in your wardrobe. And don’t forget a letterman jacket because letterman jackets are trendy

Although tailored blazers are ideal for work and formal events, denim and letterman jackets are perfect for casual looks. Leather jackets, on the other hand, will take care of your edgy looks. Lastly don’t forget about trench coats, since they will keep you warm during those cold days. 

Bottom Line

Note that getting that desired fashionable look is not all about those expensive outfits. Rather, it’s all about keeping it simple and the tips we’ve discussed above. 

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