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I was preparing for my annual hunting trip away with my buddies and I realised that thanks to lockdown, I’d put on a few too many pounds to fit into my usual gear. So, I went online, found an ad that told me to click here for more details about what the company offered and I found myself on a website for a company called Fin Feather Fur. 

At first, it looked like quite a few other major retailers I’d come across, but when I started to look through the range of available products, I knew that I was in the right place.

A Great Range of Hunting Accessories

The best way to praise Fin Feather Fur is to say that not only did they have everything I thought I needed, but their incredible range showed me quite a few items that I didn’t know I needed! I’m so glad that I decided to click here on their online ad, because the products I received have now added an extra dimension to my passion for getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.

Allow me to take you through a few of the extras that I decided to get…

A High Quality Game Scale

One thing that used to bug me were the arguments me and my buddies had in between trips about who had bagged the biggest beasts. To be honest, it was all part of the fun, but after I ordered my top quality game scale, there was never any doubt about who had had the best success!

A Comfortable Spandex Head Net

I do love getting out and hunting, but one thing I can’t stand is wearing a balaclava to camouflage myself, as I just find them so itchy. However, after I decided to click here and buy myself one of their spandex head nets, I now get the reduced visibility without sweating through the day.

Garmin GPS

Ok, so I pushed the boat out a bit this time, but after getting lost for a couple of hours on our last outing, I decided that it was an investment worth making. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it in an emergency since, but it’s nice to know that if I ever needed to – it’s there.

A Deer Cart

Another of my new prized possessions is my new Fin Feather Fur deer cart that makes light work of getting any kill I make back to my truck. I’ve seen at least one of my buddies really hurt their back trying to do it manually, so I thought I’d make it easier for myself. It was just under 150 bucks, but something you really appreciate after a long day of tracking. 

Zipper Repair Kit 

The last product I opted for after I decided to go ahead and click here with this great outdoor pursuit equipment company, was my zipper repair kit. It sounds like a minor thing, but when your outer jacket loses its protection because of a broken zip, its value becomes immediately apparent – especially when you’re miles from the nearest house, let alone shop. 

A couple of my friends have found it handy to have over the last few trips we’ve had, so it’s something I never ever leave behind these days.

There Are Other Outdoor Companies…But…

In the interests of balance, I will say that there are other outdoor pursuit equipment companies out there and during the hours I’ve spent looking, I’ve been on most of them. So, you could say that I’m qualified to say how good Fin Feather Fur is.

Their range is incredible and their customer support makes you feel like you’re the most important customer they’ve ever had. From one happy customer, I’d recommend trying them out, but whether you do is entirely up to you.

It’s worth a look at the very least!

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