Contact dunks as well as other helpful hints and tips are demonstrated in NBA 2K22 dunk instructions with screenshots

The art of the dunk is even more difficult to master in NBA 2K22 than it was in previous games, so use this guide to help you create some of the most unforgettable moments on the court. Highlight videos and posters of NBA 2K22’s slam dunks have always been a popular source of inspiration, and this one is no exception. Now more than ever, there are a variety of dunk packages to choose from, including variations that are appropriate for guards, forwards, and centers all at the same time. Different players can produce dunks that are significantly different from one another depending on their position, height, weight, and wingspan, resulting in a wide range of outcomes.

Building your dunking skills and learning to recognize when it is appropriate will be a valuable addition to your repertoire of basketball moves. Using this strategy will give you a numerical advantage over your opponent as well as a psychological advantage over him or her. Using a monster jam over your opponent’s center to your advantage is possible if you can get your opponent riled up and go on a winning run to win the game before the jam is enacted.

The fundamentals, controls, and strategies for finishing with authority in the paint in NBA 2K22 can be learned by studying this dunking guide, which can be found here.

When it comes to dunking a basketball in NBA 2K22, what is the most efficient method?

NBA 2K22 offers two different ways to dunk: either by pressing the shoot button on your controller or by pointing your right stick toward the basket while holding the sprint trigger, as shown in the screenshots below.

If you are playing on a console, whether or not you will be able to dunk your player will be determined by the particular console you are using. For the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, a dunk attempt can be initiated by pressing the R2 or RT trigger on your controller while simultaneously pressing the square button or X button on your controller to initiate the attempt.

For a more traditional approach, you can point the right stick towards your opponent’s hoop while simultaneously pressing the R2 or RT trigger to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT an impromptu layup.

As a result, what is the most efficient method of employing the 2K22 dunking meter?

The dunk meter, which is a completely new feature in NBA 2K22 and a first for the franchise, is available for the first time in the franchise and is also a first for the series. Your dunk or layup must be timed in the green box of a specific player in order to be considered a successful attempt to win the game, similar to how the shot meter is used. Shot meters are required for all finishes in NBA 2K22, regardless of whether they are layups, dunks, or alley-oops; as a result, precise timing is required for slam dunks in the game.

The size of the green box will vary depending on the circumstances. If the player’s dunk rating is high and his or her position on the court is advantageous, the likelihood of his or her making a successful dunk shot increases. The finish will almost certainly become more difficult to achieve if an opponent attempts to defend it against the paint.

When attempting to finish dunks close to the rim, character traits and specializations such as Lob City Finisher and Fearless Finisher provide a significant advantage.

The following section discusses the factors that go into determining a dunk rating, as well as the requirements that must be met in order to dunk successfully.

This rating and set of requirements will be determined by the player’s height and attribute combination, which will be based on the player’s height and attribute combination. A vertical rating of 70 or higher on the vertical rating chart, as well as a minimum driving dunk rating of 84, are required in order to complete a successful professional contact dunk or alley-oop attempt. To complete elite dunk packages, among other things, a minimum of 92 points in the standing dunk and an 80 point or higher in the vertical rating are required in certain circumstances, such as poster dunks and 360-degree jamming, among other things.

The correct technique for executing a two-handed dunk is demonstrated in the video below.

When sprinting, you must hold down the R2 or RT trigger while keeping the right stick pointed towards the hoop while pressing the trigger. When playing NBA 2K22, it is possible to NBA 2K22 PS5 MT the two-handed dunk with either hand, making it one of the most straightforward dunks to execute in the entire game.

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