CSGO Review

The original Counterstrike Game was launched in 1999. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is team-based first-person shooter gameplay. Two teams compete in an objective-based game of multiple rounds in different game modes to win maximum rounds to win the match.

Different game modes available: Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman

CSGO Ranks

There are 18 ranks in CS: GO, and it is a lengthy road to getting ranked. With the never-ending task of improving your rank lying ahead of you. The Global Elite rank is reserved for the best players, while the Silver I marks the lowest rank you can achieve in CS: GO.

Silver and Gold are the biggest ranking clusters, meaning you have to be pretty talented to reach the higher tiers like Legendary Eagle and Master Guardian. Gold Nova is the busiest tier, with the average player weighing in at Gold Nova II.

The next tier is the Novas, and Master Guardians are the next tier and any rank higher than this is Supreme Master First Class, which is all about finessing the set of skills to the point of perfection. To rank up, you have to win matches, but be careful. If you lose matches, you get de-ranked as well!

CSGO High Tier Account

These accounts are CSGO High Tier Account with high standing. With high rank comes an exceptionally high trust factor where players have invested many hours in the game and a particular account. With magnificent trust factor level, star players contribute to climbing the positions. Only exceptionally high type players accomplish something this high. One of the best accounts is the High tier.

This tier positions up with Global Elite, Master Guardian and Legendary Eagle individuals. If a player can contribute most of their time to CS: GO, they can reach a High-level account status. It might take some time to accomplish the gaming-rank and correct level of involvement.  It’s best if a veteran is making a comeback or if anyone is looking for the main account. Conveying an ideal gaming experience to all e-sport gaming zealots remains the primary vision and mission of high-tier accounts.

CSGO Coins

Coins are rewarded for achieving a milestone or being a part of an operation in CSGO. By right-clicking in the coin inventory, the coins can be displayed in-game beside a player’s name. You can display only one coin at a time.

Five Year Veteran Coins

The Five-Year Veteran Coin is awarded to every player who has been a part of the CSGO gaming community for over five years now. This has been mentioned in the latest update of August 22, 2020.

The player must have a game from the Counter-Strike series to be eligible to receive the coin. The player must have played the game at least once, owned the game for five years, and the account must be in good standing with no ban(s).

Ten Year Veteran Coins

The players who have been a part of the game for over ten years are eligible for the ten-year veteran coins, according to the December 2018 update of CSGO. To receive the ten-year veteran coins, they must have a game from the Counter-Strike series. The player must have played the game at least once, must have owned the game for ten years, and the account must be in good standing with no ban/s.

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