Do Curtain Need Dry Cleaning Or Laundry Wash?

Do your curtains require dry cleaning? I know many people think they do when they hear the word “dry cleaning” but the fact of the matter is that these products do not. The reason is because these products use chemicals that can be harmful to your health as well as your environment. When you do curtain dry cleaning, it really means that you are getting a professional steam cleaner. They are able to get the stains out of the fabrics much more easily than you would be able to if you used any other method.

Curtain dry cleaning service

If you use a curtain dry cleaning service, you are basically paying them to use a steam cleaner to clean your curtain. You will be able to make sure the fabric is thoroughly cleaned without you having to do anything else. The product they use is great for cleaning your curtains. Most people are aware of the fact that they use chlorine bleach in order to sanitize your curtains. However, there is another product that they use which is more dangerous to your health.

Some companies will mix a few chemicals together and put them into a spray bottle and spray them onto your curtains. You can imagine how this can affect you. When you come into the home, you may experience some skin rashes. Not only will you have skin irritation, but the smell from the chemicals is going to permeate the house. This can cause you to have a severe allergic reaction.

Do curtain require dry cleaning? 

The answer to this question really depends on how badly stained your curtains are. If they are severely stained, then it is probably best to go ahead and use a professional service. However, if you have relatively clean ones, then you may wish to use a do it yourself dry cleaning product. This way you can see if you will suffer any health problems.

Did you know that a do it yourself dry cleaning product may not work as well as you think it would? There are many factors at work. One of the most important is the quality of the product. You need to make sure that the product you use has been developed by someone who has expertise in this field.

Should you use curtain laundry wash?

Curtain laundry wash is a very common cleaning method that most people use. The pros is your curtain will be clean after washing but your curtain could shrink due to the laundry wash.


Do you want to know what should happen if my curtains do not require dry cleaning? Well, when you use a professional service, they will take the curtains into a back room where a cleaning machine is used. They will then carefully look over the fabric and remove any stains or dirt using a specialist brush. Once the material has been cleaned, your curtains will once again look as clean and bright as they did before.

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