Do You Suffer From Chronic Back Pain? How Traction Therapy Can Help

Traction is a treatment that is used for back pain. It is widely accepted as a suitable treatment option. Manual traction is most common, though you can find inverted suspension options and best rest or motorized options as well. With a lumbar device, you will harness your lower rib cage and your iliac crest. The level of force exerted and the duration will be varied. There have been very few cases of issues with lumbar devices, so you never have to worry about a problem occurring.

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How A Lumbar Traction Device Can Help

A lumbar traction device is designed to help you with elongating your spine. This works because you are decreasing lordosis and increasing your intervertebral space. That will inhibit your nociceptive pain impulses. Overall, that does for you improve your mobility while reducing muscle spasms, helping spinal nerve root compression, and decreasing mechanical stress. In addition to that, you have the benefit from released adhesion luxation of a capsule or disc from around your zygapophyseal point. That will create less pain for you and more comfort.

Benefits of a Lumbar Traction Device

When looking for an excellent option for pain relief, you should consider a lumbar traction device, the first pneumatic device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It is also made to deliver nearly 200 pounds of force. It’s one of the best options for comfort as it offers patented pneumatic pump no-slip belts, and it has straightforward gauges, so you don’t have issues with understanding how it works. However, the best part is that it’s non-slip and comes complete!

Another benefit is that there are blow-off valves that limit the amount of force applied to you, and it is a better cost option to continuous care. It adds up when you have to go to the clinic numerous times because insurance only covers so much. Over time, you end up spending a thousand dollars on care. Instead, opt for this device. It’s easier, more convenient, and will save you hundreds in the long run.

A Lumbar Traction Device Gives You The Help You Need

Use the option we mentioned above when you want to find a lumbar traction device that does what it should and gives you the help you need. It provides you the support you need; they are reliable and save you hundreds. However, you should ensure that your health care provider has prescribed this for you. If you have any issues with the device (which is rare), you need to tell your provider immediately.

With this option, though, you can see that there are positive reviews because this is one product that is worth the effort. When you need help with your chronic pain, know that it doesn’t have to run your life. Make the change and feel your best all the time!

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