Efficient Ways To Treat Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis, similar to bladder infection is a painful bladder disease. It leads to chronic bladder pain and leaves a negative impact on many other health aspects. In some cases, patients suffer from severe pelvic pain. I got to know a lot about its causes, symptoms and how we can prevent it. My mother got diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis a few months back from Omar Hospital, Lahore. She noticed the continuous pain and pressure in her pelvic region. When the pain rose to the unbearable level, we rushed towards a urologist.

How to Treat Interstitial Cystitis? 

There are various ways of treating a disease. Someone might get treated with physical therapy and someone else with surgery. It also depends upon the condition of the disease. If your disease is diagnosed well on time, you’ll get an easy treatment. Some of the effective ways to treat cystitis are detailed below.

  • Surgery:

Doing surgery isn’t the first step of most urologists because cystitis can be treated in a few simple ways too. When the pain isn’t relieved even by removal of the bladder, then surgery is the next step. Furthermore, surgery has its own complications and can lead to any infection. In surgery, there comes many further techniques like Resection, fulguration and Bladder augmentation. 

Patients got their life quality affected after the surgery due to its certain side effects.

  • Natural Remedies: 

In my mother’s case, we got a best urologist doctor in Lahore. We used his tips and tricks and the symptoms of my mother eradicated by home remedies. Some efficient changes in lifestyle can give you a perfectly healthy life. Using Natural Ways is always a better option because you stay away from most of the chemicals and reactions.

  • Diet always comes first. No disease can fight a person who is eating healthy and has portion control. Keep a check on your meals and avoid food that triggers your bladder. 
  • Get rid of tobacco products like smoking. They have more than 20 cancerous chemicals and tars in them. Smoking is the reason behind the increase in the number of cancer cases.
  • Don’t wear tight fit clothes. Relieve your abdomen.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks, caffeine, excessive tea, chocolates and all other types of junk.
  • Don’t use artificial sweetener. In most of the cases, it triggers the bladder.
  • Avoid food that has a bad effect on your urinary system like citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles and salty food. These are some of the common bladder irritants.
  • Make a proper routine and follow it. Make a time table to go to the washroom. In this way, you’ll train your bladder to control the urge of urination. 
  • Don’t be anxious. It is advised to go for a walk and do meditation.
  • Don’t even go near to alcohol. Steer away as fast as you can! 


Doctors try to treat every disease whether it’s mild or chronic. Though natural remedies work but having medication is an important step in regard to complete treatment. 

Interstitial cystitis is first treated through bladder distention. In this, the bladder is stretched with water. Most of the symptoms vanish out after this treatment for a few ones. But, this relief after cystoscopy is a temporary pleasure. For long term effect, the treatment might be revised again. 

Some people get DMSO treatment. Its maintenance varies from 6-8 weeks for some and months or even years for other ones. It’s known as dimethyl sulphoxide treatment.

  •  Being Active:

Working-out is a necessity these days due to our drowsy nature and the junk food we eat. You can hire a physical therapist if it seems difficult to you. Exercise may relieve your pelvic pain and improve your muscle health. Your muscle tenderness can be relieved through this method. Besides it, being athletic is good for your overall health. You have to make a proper schedule, stick to it and stay firm! 

  • Bladder Instillations:

For treating intestinal cystitis, medicine is instilled into the bladder. 

In bladder installation, a thin and flexible tube called catheter is used to insert the medicine into the bladder through urethra.


To prevent a disease is always better than treatment. Developing a habit of exercising regularly, taking care of hygiene and enough water can help.

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