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Everything you need to know about the locks and keys

Elegant lock and key are one of the oldest elements of safety and security for humans for ages. The earliest evidence of the lock and fundamental mechanisms are thousands of years back. It proves people back then were well aware of the need for security to protect their homes and goods as we are today. So, the locks and keys’ history evolved since then so much that we could write a complete book of thousand pages on it. To cut a long story short and deliver you the essential initial knowledge regarding safety measures, we will discuss a lock and key in this article’s primary mechanisms. 

Types of Locks 

We will start with the easier makings and simple patterns of work in locks. Nowadays, there are two varieties of waves on a broad scale. One is the mechanical lock, and the other variety is the electric lock. 

Mechanical locks with keys 

Mechanical locks are the oldest variety of security protocols available nowadays. It has two types. A warded lock is the most uncomplicated variety in the automatic lock category, And warded locks have simple springs and bolts that bring together the system. You can reopen the lock by a key having similar cuts in the edge that can turn the lock’s spring to the other direction. So, you see, it is the most accessible variety to develop and easy to find everywhere. Warded locks are cheap in price and affordable to everyone. Simultaneously, these warded locks are not strong enough to keep you safe from the attacks now anymore. Nowadays, people use these locks for simple stuff, like Household lockers, kitchen cabinets, table drawers, etc. 

Tumbler locks and keys 

The second variety in the mechanical locks is the tumbler locks and keys. Tumbler locks have a more critical structure and better security updates. Usage of tumbler latches, level updates, and tires make it more complicated to use. But, at the same time, the complex make-up is challenging to pick and break down. So, the tumbler locks are a successful update in the mechanical lock’s history that is still viable in some places to protect room doors. 


Keys for the tumbler locks are unique in make-up also. These keys have definite serrations in places that push or pull the sections to the waves’ dedicated serrations. When the keys match with the levels with the lock, the system opens. The system layout is simple and easy to tell but, multiple decks and shunts make it quite challenging to break into the system. So, tumbler locks are successful as a security guard. 

Keyless locks 

We are updating our technologies every day. The fancy locks and keys also needed an update to fit in the system and our regular world. The first key-less locks came into the market in the early eighties. Here are some variations in the keyless variety. 

Magnetic locks 

The first keyless locks are magnetic locks. Magnetic locks are consist of magnet particles inside their levels and latches. The key of these Locks also contains a piece of magnet. That brings up or down the specific parts according to the position of the serrations of the locks. Mechanisms of these magnetic locks are similar to the tumbler locks but way more updated and complicated. 

Electromagnetic locks 

The next-generation magnetic locks are electromagnetic locks. Here the door lock and key both use electromagnetic radiation for function. The door includes a circuit, and current flow creates an attractive magnetic flow between the door and the doorframe. It keeps the door closed. When the current flow stops, the door will open on its own. 

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