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It is possible to achieve the best results in excellent streaming of musicals and videos on your desktop if you have the knowledge of the handling of youtube to mp3 convertor. If you do not know how to go about achieving the desired results; you have nothing to worry about because you are going to be fully informed after reading through what we have in this educative article.

The starting point here involves going to the YouTube homepage on your browser. You are going to be welcomed to a variety of videos that are loaded on the YouTube channel.

It will be a waste of time if you start searching for the video of your interest. What you need to do is this. Click on the search bar at the top of the YouTube page and input the name of the video you intend to download to your desktop. Make no spelling mistakes; you can now click on the enter key and the video of your choice will come up on your icon.

You can now click on the video that you wish to download. This action will prompt the video to start playing. Make sure the version of the video is not on the playlist. Videos that are on a playlist cannot be downloaded.

After you have made assurances doubly sure that the video you are about downloading fits into all the billings; you can now copy the URL address of the video. Where you are having issues with highlighting the address; double click on it or drag your mouse across the entire address.

When you have successfully highlighted the address; you can now click on Ctrl+C windows to complete the process.

You can now go to easy converter site on your browser. Add the address of the video that you have copied here. Click on the icon showing the insert video link. You can now proceed to click on the Ctrl+V to paste the address of the video.

Having come thus far with the process of youtube to mp3 convertor, it is now time to make the actual conversion. You are going to observe an orange button on the right-hand side of the page. This is the convert button and by clicking on it; you make the needed conversion.

There is the need to edit the file that you have just converted. This is necessary to adapt the song to your categorization when it is played on your desktop. The artist’s name and the name of the song are areas that you can edit. When you click on skip this page; it will be possible to edit the song without audio tags.

There is a green button at the end of the information page. It is the convert button. When you click on it; the song will begin the process of conversion to MP3 file. You will wait for some minutes for the process to complete. If you are downloading a large music file; the process will take longer. When you have fast internet; time spent waiting will be reduced.

When the process is complete, a green download button will come up. You can now click on it to conclude the conversion process. You would have completed the process with that final act.

What is involved in youtube to mp3 convertor is not difficult. The process above represents the best way to go about achieving the best results without any letdown. The best steps to achieving the desired results are described above.

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