Five Mistakes To Avoid Settling Your Car Accident Claim

If you are a resident of Tampa and have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you would depend a lot on your car accident claim to help settle medical bills, car damages, and more. After all, most of us get ourselves insured through car insurance to support us during such days.

The only problem you will discover during the claim process is that not all is easy and smooth. There are very many complications leaving most insured people frustrated. It is, therefore, necessary to consider hiring the services of an accomplished Tampa car accident lawyer so that your case does not linger forever, you do not jeopardize things unknowingly, and you fairly get the claim amount.

Five mistakes to avoid when settling your car accident claim:

1. Giving recorded statements to the insurer

You must understand the importance of doing so and how it can adversely affect your claim. Remember, insurers are experienced companies with a legal and business status, and they have the best of teams on board. The insurance companies can get manipulative in recording your statement after the accident. Most people involved in auto accidents either are not fully aware of the procedure and, in their naivety, give recorded statements to the insurer or are in a shock due to an accident. Remember, the insurance company can use your recorded statement against you – so avoid stating without knowing what to say, how to word it, and till the time you are not sure of having remembered every small detail of the accident.

2. Avoiding going to the doctor straight away.

Going to the doctor is interpreted as time-consuming and irrelevant by many involved in auto accidents. Until and unless there are obvious injuries, people tend to think that they are fine and can do without showing a doctor. It is a big mistake, and you must avoid it.

3. Agreeing to an offer from the insurance company hastily.

Insurance companies will often extend premature offers to the victim because it helps them get off by paying less. By agreeing to such premature offers and signing on documents that you do not understand, you can be forfeiting your rights to get a fair claim settlement.

4. Talking to insurance adjusters about pre-existing medical conditions

Avoid this mistake. People tend to think that the insurance adjusters are their friends and are empathizing with them. It is not true. Every condition you discuss with the insurance company only strengthens their case against making lesser payments.

5. Handling the entire process on your own.

It is the biggest mistake that people commit. You need to hire experienced Tampa car accident lawyers to help you with the process. Do not attempt to do all of this on your own. Your lack of legal knowledge in the matter can jeopardize your chances of getting a fair claim.

Throughout filing a car accident claim or filing an auto accident lawsuit, these are the five common errors that people tend to commit. It would help if you avoided these mistakes in your best interest so that justice is done with speed and you get the deserved claim amount in the relevant period.

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