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Grow your brand with Instagram Story Templates and Post Templates

Instagram is growing with time and has become popular in the corporate world. Many high-end brands and startups use Instagram to market their brand. Instagram has proved to be a very powerful marketing tool when compared to other social media platforms. Brands also use Instagram to engage with their target audience actively.

However, to increase your brand visibility on platforms like Instagram and stand out from the competitors, you need to make sure you are active on these platforms and keep posting regularly to inform and update your target audience and followers.

If you want to create an engaging post on Instagram, you need to have a strategic design and marketing plan in hand to attract potential customers and gain more followers in the long run.

Here in this post, we have mentioned different visuals you can post on Instagram: Instagram feed content, IGTV, Live videos, and Instagram story.

#1 Instagram Feed Content

Instagram feed content will appear on your profile. You need to know that the content you post on your feed should be attractive, eye-catching, and interactive. You know that staying active on Instagram helps to increase brand visibility. Creating and posting designs eye-catching designs daily can be very stressful. But do not worry. There are many pre-made Instagram post templates available online that help you to create designs easily by customizing the text and adding photos of your choice.

These post templates make design creation easier and are aesthetically pleasing. These post templates also help you to save a lot of time using the same templates for different posts and maintain consistency in all the posts.

You can post on your Instagram feed when you want to:

  • Post pictures and videos permanently.
  • If you want to follow a pattern or a theme.
  • If you are starting out or if you want to stand out from your competitors.

#2 Instagram Live Videos

If you want to interact with your followers in real-time, then you can try Instagram Live. With Instagram live, you can show your followers the unedited curated content of your brand.

All you need to do is, open the camera icon available on the left corner of the main feed and go to Instagram live. Go live, interact with your audiences, and save your live stream.

#3 IGTV (Instagram TV)

Instagram has one of the unique features which allows you to post long videos. These are similar to Instagram feed videos and stories, but the videos don’t disappear 24 hours.

While you can only upload videos of 1-minute length on your IG feed, IGTV is perfect if you want to share a long branded video and if you want to expand your reach.

#4 Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are features shown at the top of your feed and allow you to add engaging content that disappears within 24 hours. Instagram stories are becoming very popular and are being used by many businesses and influencers to create brand stories that include informative, engaging, and fun content for your brand.

With the technology change, there are many Instagram post templates available online that help you create professional designs that complement your brand aesthetics. These story templates are the starting point for creating your story posts.

You need to know that Instagram story templates are pre-made layouts that come with editable graphics, text, and animations.

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