Handling Debts: Essential Information About Dynamic Recovery Solutions

No person would ever want to be in heavy debt. It’s stressful, a hassle, and it will bug you now and then, especially if a debt collection agency is chasing you. Debt collection agencies collect all types of debts from a borrower. This includes credit cards, medical loans, personal loans, student loans, unpaid utilities, cell phone bills, and so many more.

So, if you have unpaid debt, you might have been familiar with them. When you are under an enormous debt, it’s hard to avoid worrying about when and how you will deal with the payments and cause little or no effect on your credit score. To know the five easy steps to become “Debt-Free”, go to

Heavy stress could arise if you didn’t deal immediately with your responsibilities, especially when a debt collector agency like Dynamic Recovery Solutions tries to contact you and ask you to pay. But, you could still effectively deal with them and settle your account. Continue reading down for a more comprehensive explanation of what they do.

Who Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

DRS is the shorter term for Dynamic Recovery Solutions. It is a debt collection agency founded in 2008 and is located in Greenville, South Carolina. As stated on their company website, they have had debt collection experience for nearly over fifty years of experience. They offer services and deals with consumers through people in the United States.

Although being for long years in service, they have still received lots of consumer complaints from FDCPA, or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They had not complied with the FDCPA standards in handling consumer concerns. Some accusations include collecting a mistakenly owned debt, improper communication strategies, and sharing information inappropriately.

Even so, they are legit and an authorized agency. They focus on fields like student loans, banking, telecom, retail, health care, and the like. They offer services like skip-tracing, letter services, post-charge-off collections, and more. If they have contacted you, you must know the best ways to protect yourself. Click on this link to learn more about how to protect and rid of them correctly

What Must I Do If Dynamic Recovery Solutions Reach Out to and Harasses Me?

The first way must be being able to determine if their agency has violated your rights. Listed here is a guide on what you could take against them if they show any of the following acts:

  • The Dynamic Recovery Solutions contacts you for a debt that is not yours or an amount that is more than how much you owe
  • The agency is not able to give proof that you owe the debt that they claim to be yours
  • The original creditor did not provide the agency authorization to start collecting the debt
  • Automated robocalls are made to your phone to collect the debt
  • Accusing you of criminal behavior
  • Threatening to arrest you
  • Calling you at work and even your friends, family, and coworkers
  • They dial you before 8 am and past 9 pm
  • They contact you multiple times per week.

If you experience any of this from Dynamic Recovery Solutions, it would be best to contact a debt lawyer for help. They can help you assess what has been wrong in the situation. They are knowledgeable and skillful in helping consumers that are having difficulty in sorting their debt. They could negotiate and deal with the creditors, handle lawsuits from credit card companies, and other lenders.

Is It Possible To Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions From My Credit Report?

The answer to this is yes. Especially when upon reviewing your account, it shows that it does not belong to you; there is a high likelihood that they must remove the debt from your credit report immediately. You may send a letter to Dynamic Recovery Solutions and the credit bureau concerning the mistake and dispute it immediately.

You can also negotiate with a pay-for-delete agreement with Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Having a collections account in your credit report will not benefit your credit scores in any way. So, through a pay-for-delete agreement, you and the agency agree to remove the record in your credit report only if you could pay your debts based on what you have decided upon.

You may also ask for help from experts like professional credit repair companies to assist you. They have grown more popular and help fight your battles with debt collection agencies. They could send out the emails on your behalf and assist you with the letters you will send out. By visiting this site you can know about guide to debt settlement.

How Can I Contact Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

Listed here below are the following contact ways on how you could get in touch with them.

Mailing Address: 135 Interstate Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615

Phone Number: (844) 735-9451

Email Address: [email protected]


Before you do anything and respond to a debt collection immediately, always be aware of your rights, understand your situation, and come up with a solution that’s both legal and doable for you. Listed above is essential information you could use in knowing who they are, how to get rid of them, and how to contact Dynamic Recovery Solutions.

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