Here are five suggestions to assist you in accelerating the process of writing your essay:

Construct a strategy of action.

Let’s pretend you’re on a vacation and enjoying some downtime. The Lonely Mountain should be on your itinerary if you want to challenge a rapacious dragon and get some valuable loot at the same time. In an unknown area, which mode of transportation would you use if you didn’t have a map? It should come as no surprise that consulting a map will save you a significant amount of time if your plan is to waste time walking about aimlessly. For more info, please visit

Spend some time becoming familiar with the topics that will be covered in the test.

Following the step that came before it, this is the following one in the series. Why even bother creating a thesis if you’re not going to do the research to back it up? If you’re not going to do the research, there’s no use in drafting one. Your summary has to contain paraphrased and paraphrased direct citations from the original sources. Before you start writing, it is helpful to gather quotes from academic journals and books that support your views. This will allow you to write more quickly. There is no need for you to check Facebook or have a second breakfast.

Let the thoughts that come to you flow freely.

Okay. As soon as you have completed your map, you should get started on drafting your essay. Do you still have an interest in finding out how to increase your writing speed? As the initial stage in the process, my friend, it is essential for you to take a seat and get started writing. Bad habits include self-doubt, carefully analysing every word, and repeatedly viewing the same episode on Netflix.

Your essay has to be logically divided into sections in order to be effective.

The strategy of “simply writing” will only take you so far. One of the most perilous parts of writing an essay all at once is the endeavour of trying to travel from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain in a single day without using post-apocalyptic aeroplanes.

Before going back to the editing, give yourself some time for a rest.

Before going back to revise the initial draught of your piece, you should give yourself a few days’ break. Because the errors you committed while writing will be more visible when you look at it, editing your essay is going to be much simpler if you give yourself some time to clear your head and get a fresh viewpoint.

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