How Can Astrology Help In Career and Professional Life

When somebody looks for advice from a counselor, we Indians have too been dependent upon astrology to get all the answers linked with career, and profession. Do you want to the accurate my astrology reading? The count on the ideal astrology mobile app, Astroyogi.

What Does Astrology Do?

Astrology aids a person to decide on the right career that lines up with their planetary placements at the time when they were born. A big percentage of astrology experts have been offering live astrology and consultancy services to people. These services also enable them to talk to astrologer at their comfort.  

The right career choice helps in the intellectual growth of a person. However, it even improves a person’s emotional and financial health.

Role of Vedic Astrology in Career

Vedic astrology for many years has been enabling folks to make the ideal career preferences that enhance their lifestyle and even helps in social success.

This astrology version defines many houses and bhavas which are the signs of a person’s career and financial development. Astrology experts go through the person’s birth chart (Kundli) to determine what the planetary positions tell about one’s fiscal and professional prospects, plus the admiration and recognition earned from your job, and many more. Settle on the Astroyogi app to have the best live astrology chat with renowned astrologers.

After a comprehensive analysis of the planets and houses, the expert can give career advice to aid the person in leading a prosperous life. Below we’ve discussed the houses/bhavas that are viewed within the birth chart, helping the person plot his or her career prospects.

  1.     The 7th house

This house denotes partnership and defines the partnership prospects. It even defines the probable gains in case a person wants to pursue a partnership business.

  1.     The 2nd house

The 2nd house indicates money and the influx of wealth in a person’s life. It also denotes the sources of income from where one can gain money.

  1.     The 10th House

This house is the key indicator for a career. It is even called the house of career. It denotes the status and nature of the occupation that the person can undertake. Besides, it even defines how one’s karma is transformed into actions.

  1.     The 6th house

This house in your natal chart also represents job and profession. It defines the kind of work one can take on.

  1.     The 11th house

This house is an indicator of the source of finances that one can obtain.

In addition to all the aforementioned houses, a lot of planets signify different jobs and occupations. The impact on the second, tenth, and eleventh house pokes a person to decide on their career.

  1.     Sun

Sun impacts noblemen, commanders, defense services, goldsmiths, bankers, government service, medical experts, rulers, and engineers.

  1.     Saturn

The planet Saturn is an indicator of hard work-intensive jobs like farmers, masons, estate agents, plumbers, agriculturists, miners, cobblers, scavengers, coal merchants, security guards, and potters.

  1.     Venus

Venus impacts jobs like florists, architects, musicians, fashion designers, actors, and perfumers.

  1.     Mars

The planet Mars impacts police officers, engineers, military officers, and surgeons.

  1.     Rahu

Rahu impacts professionals in the fields of aviation, research work, engineering, stockbroking, politics, etc.

  1.     Ketu

The planet Ketu affects careers linked with spirituality like reiki, fire-fighters, spiritual gurus, yoga, and archaeologists.

  1.     Mercury

Mercury affects professions like scientists, bankers, advocates, orators, travelers, clerks, accountants, secretaries, printers, mathematicians, astrologers, interpreters, and travel agents.

  1.     Moon

Moon impacts shipping, perfumers, the water supply department, and the Navy.

  1.     Jupiter

The planet Jupiter impacts priests, economists, justice, temple, administrators, employees of revenue department, professors, judges, advocates, grammarians, physicians, ministers, etc.

What Is The Role Of Saturn In My Astrology Career?

Saturn is well-known for its malefic impacts. The position of this planet in the career horoscope, mainly in the tenth house (bhava), could be vital in one’s professional development. Thus, it’s important to have a precise reading and scrutiny of the career horoscope to make sure that your professional growth is seamless and prosperous.

If the position of Saturn or Shani is within a benefic house, then it can be an indicator of a prosperous and satisfying career prospect and change. If you want to lessen the malefic impacts of Saturn, an astrology expert can recommend different curative methods to reverse these impacts and encourage prosperous career development.


It is now become easier to find astrology services and talk to astrologer than ever, all credits to the online platforms. A lot of companies, for example, Astroyogi, are offering online astrology services to help many young people in getting access to their career horoscope. 

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