How does the Swedish Government Prevent Betting Addiction

In Sweden, gambling is legal as long as the casino holds a Swedish license. The country is very much focused on providing people with gambling platforms while ensuring that they do not end up becoming addicted. For this reason, the Swedish government presented the proposals to make some limitations and provide the best gambling in a controlled way.

The changes do not reflect any harm or any restrictions that can lead to limited wins or bonuses. Here are all the points that are made by the Swedish government to prevent addiction to betting.

A list of new measures by the Swedish government to prevent betting addiction

In Sweden, the legal casinos are free to operate, and they are legal, but as the internet is open for all so gamblers also take advantage of Swedish casinos without a license. Here are all the details you need to understand how the Swedish government is working towards ensuring that the players do not end up getting addicted. Gamblers who get addicted end up facing major health and anxiety issues.

Changes in the betting rules

The gambling rules presented by the Swedish government will be for all the operators who have their gambling services in the country. The main purpose of the rules is to make sure that the overall platform is safe and that there are proper rules followed to ensure that a player is not getting addicted to gambling. Even the best betting without a Swedish licensehas to make sure that their players do not end up turning into an addict.

All the casino owners need to have a Swedish license and to gain that; they need to get registration from EEA. As for all the casinos that are without a license, they also have their services in the country.

Restricted advertisement

Gambling is addictive and people control themselves but if the casinos advertise a lot and give amazing offers then players will surely get attracted. To save people from getting addicted to gambling, the Swedish government also has limitations on the advertisement.

As per the Gambling Act of Sweden, all the casinos have to advertise by being appropriate and within limits and none of the content should be attracted or targeted toward the people who are under the age of 18. Also, a direct advertisement which means sending the offers messages and emails to the customer is prohibited.

Service of Spelpaus

The Swedish government launched a new function in the year 2019 of Spelpaus. The player selects the option of the length of break they want to take from the gambling, and then they will be blocked from all the casino sites and will not be able to play for that certain period of time. They can take a break from one month till 12 months. Once the choice is made, then they will not be able to undo it and will not be able to play at any casino. This service is only presented by the Sweden government for the people for their safety.

Set up the limit for money

In most Swedish casinos, you will find the option of limiting the amount. As a player, you can place the amount of money set on the casino for the time period in which you want to use it. For example, you can make the limit for spending only 500SEK in one month. Now even if you have thousands in your account, you will not be able to bet more than 500SEK within that month.

Set up the limit of losses

If you are not happy with limiting your betting amount, then another option that is present is that you can set up the limit of total losses that you can afford at one time. For example, if your budget is that you can only face the loss of 1000 SEK, then set it up as the limit of loss. Whenever you reach that amount, you will not be able to play further. In this way, you can save a lot of money and will not get addicted. Gamblers need to know that gambling is only for entertainment and not a shortcut to becoming rich.

Time limit notifications

All the casinos that come under the Swedish government have to make sure that they follow the rule of notifying the players. All the players should receive clear and regular detailed messages that include all the winnings they have, all the losses they had, and the time duration that they spend playing at the casino.

As for the player, they also have to acknowledge that they have received and read the message. On the message, there always has to be an option for the player to select if he wants to end or continue the journey of gambling.

Rules and regulations

In most of the casinos present in the world, the player has to look out for all the gambling rules and the policies of the casino on their own. As for Swedish casinos, they have to make sure that every time when a player registers or logs in to the casino, they receive a message with all the information about the casino. The message should include the details about the license of the casino, the responsibility that the casino has over the game plays and the power that the player has while playing.

The text should further include all the losses that the player has faced in the past 12 months. This gives them a chance towards self-improvement if they get the idea that they are spending way too much on these games. The government uses this strategy to make sure that the player does not get addicted to the game. When they see that they have already lost a huge amount of money, then there are fewer chances for them to play for a long time.

Designing of the games

There are also rules regarding the design and the overall presentation of the game. If the casino game entirely depends on luck and the chance of winning, then it should clearly state that.

Any game that is purely based on luck should not give the impression that the player’s strategies or mindset can have an impact on the overall outcome of the game. In case there are any options for the player that can have an impact on the winning or losing of the game, then a message.

Notifying the Gambling Authority

The Swedish Gambling Authority has made the rules that all the casinos have to share information about the player’s overall gambling. The details will be sent twice a year, one report is from 1st January till 30 June and the second report is from 1st July till 31st December. Every casino has to share the following information:

  • Total number of players that gamble with money
  • Players that reached all the final limits they placed for money and time
  • Total players that faced any problem in the casino and contacted the license holder
  • Those players that have shown a reduction in playing and gambling at casinos and the percentage of reduction
  • The percentage of the net turnover of an average of the casino
  • List of players that the casino owners contacted themselves due to any problem
  • All the players that have registered on the casino website
  • The players that reduced or increased their spending limit or time limit

The purpose of gaining this information is to see how much an individual is spending on gambling and if they are slowly shifting towards becoming an addict.

A quick look into how the Swedish government prevents betting addiction

The Swedish government pays attention to every detail when it comes to online gambling. They ensure that the people do not end up getting addicted to gambling and for that reason they impose new policies and regulations. All the above-mentioned are the actions implemented by the government, and all online casinos have to abide by these rules.

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