How Dutch consumers get the best Energy Tariffs

Paying the bills is never a fun activity. But it would for sure be a lot easier, knowing that you would pay for the best. Meaning: the best service against the lowest rate. And who knows the most about saving money on your basic needs? Exactly, the Dutch.

Luckily, they have a lot of tips and tricks on how to save on your electricity bills. In this article, you will learn how Dutch consumers get the lowest energy tariffs. So, going Dutch is not as bad as it seems.

1. Changing tariffs

Energy providers Netherlands, are allowed to change their electricity and gas tariffs throughout the year. The tariffs change every six months: in January and July.

The prices change based on the global oil and gas prices. As demand and supply of oil and gas have been fluctuating heavily lately, it is hard to predict the prices for the coming six months. In the Netherlands you have two types of energy contracts: fixed and variable. A fixed contract allows you to secure one tariff as your monthly tariff throughout the entire contract duration. In a variable contract, you pay the current tariffs.

So, understanding and watching the price predictions allows you to benefit from lower tariffs.

2. Address

Every region has its own tariffs. The power and location of energy suppliers, determine the local tariff. So, if you are a heavy energy consuming household, it is recommended to look at the energy prices in your own city as well as surrounding neighborhoods. This allows you to get the best deal for your wallet!

3. Competition

As in most countries, there are plenty of energy suppliers in the Netherlands. To attract customers, energy suppliers complete on price. Most offer discounts to consumers for switching from another energy supplier to theirs. This makes switching in-between energy suppliers in most cases cheaper. In the Netherlands, is switching from energy suppliers on a yearly basis cheaper than staying in a long-term contract.

4. Preferences

The amount and type of energy that you consume determines the energy tariff. The more energy you consume, the higher your monthly bill. Want to have green energy? Then you’ll have to pay a higher rate. Understanding what you are paying for is important, because it allows you to be in the driver’s seat of your bills.

HOW TO: compare energy tariffs

Instead of comparing different energy providers based on the abovementioned criteria, it is easier to compare energy using an automated tool. This tool lists the best energy suppliers for you, based on your needs! You can sort the energy suppliers based on price and price/quality. The algorithm shows the availability of energy providers for your residential location.

The tool also shows you the discount you get for switching from your current energy provider to the new energy provider. The display makes it easy to see the rating of energy suppliers in your area, the monthly payment amount, the discounts, and the money you save due to the change in tariffs.

This tool to compare energy only takes 5 minutes to use but saves you money on your every bill every month.

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