How Often To Change Your 2015 Hyundai Sonata Wiper Blades

You rely on your Sonata’s wipers for optimal visibility, especially during bad weather. Installing 2015 Hyundai Sonata wiper blades can instantly improve things if your old blades are wearing out. But proper care is key to getting the most life out of them. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to change your blades and see some tips on prolonging their lifespans.

Best Wiper Blades for Heavy Rain

Most Hyundai Sonata wiper blades come in three different styles: conventional, beam and hybrid. Conventional wiper blades blend a rubber squeegee-like piece onto a metal frame, which pivots to press the rubber onto the windshield. Beam blades are made from solid rubber pieces and have curved frames that match the contours of your windshield. Hybrids combine design features of beam and conventional blades – an aerodynamic rubber shell attached to a conventional metal frame.

Conventional wipers are the least expensive and offer solid performance. But if you live in climates with lots of snow or heavy rain, they’ll wear out more quickly. Beam blades are the priciest, but they don’t have metal frames that get clogged with snow or ice. That’s why they’re more efficient in cleaning snow and ice off windshields. Hybrid blades have similar cleaning power to beam blades but they’re less expensive than beam blades.

How To Safely Install Wiper Blades

Swapping out wiper blades is a pretty easy job. If this is your first time replacing them, you’ll be happy to know that it just takes a new set of blades and about five minutes of your time. Start with your wiper arms raised up and the new blades unpacked and set aside. You can complete the installation in just a few steps:

  • Turn each blade outward until it’s perpendicular to the wiper arm.
  • Push the release tab and pull your old blade downward.
  • Rotate the blade until it’s parallel with the arm.
  • Slide the wiper blade off the arm hook.
  • Guide your new blade onto the wiper arm and into the arm slot.
  • Slide the blade up and over the arm hook, then press the blade in until it clicks.

Other Tips for Wiper Blade Care

You’ve probably seen other drivers leave their wipers up overnight if temperatures severely dip. They do this to keep the wipers from freezing onto their windshields. Looks like a smart idea, right? So, should you leave wiper blades up overnight? According to car care experts, it’s not a good idea. When you leave wiper arms up for more than a few minutes, this can permanently stretch the spring within each arm. That decreases the amount of pressure the wiper arm exerts on the windshield – and it can’t clean the glass properly. And should the arms fall down onto the windshield, the sheer force can crack the glass.

Changing your wiper blades regularly ensures that you enjoy good visibility and don’t risk scratching your windshield from exposed metal on the blade. You should swap them out every six to 12 months. Look for signs of wear such as stiff, ripped or cracked rubber. Rust and corrosion on a metal blade frame also signal that it’s time for replacement.

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