How to attempt the maths exam effectively: tips for students

Similar to other academic subjects, along with maths teaching and learning, exams are also conducted by the teachers. Whether formative maths assignments or summative ones, we often see students facing difficulty in attempting the paper and scoring well. Along with effective preparation and practice, to complete and submit the maths paper accurately and timely respectively, students must follow certain tips. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to attempt the maths exam properly and ensure high scores. 

Tips for students to attempt the maths exams effectively 

  1. Have an idea of the exam patternVisit here: mediafire

To attempt the paper properly, having an idea of the exam pattern and structure is very important.  For example, if you will be appearing for the paper via a mobile teacher app the exam will be in online mode. Get an idea of whether the questions will be multiple choice based or also writing ones.  Know the marking scheme, number of questions, and more. This will help students to be well prepared and manage the time well for completing the paper effectively. 

  1. Stay positive

Before the maths exams, students face a lot of stress and pressure. Also, thoughts like how tough the exam will be, will I be able to attempt it, and maths fear to keep revolving in students’ minds.  With a stressed mind, you won’t be able to focus well on the exam. Also the chances of making mistakes and errors increase. Avoid this happening with you and stay positive to attempt the maths paper properly. Trust your preparation and give your best in the exam. If you face difficulty in answering a few questions, take a deep breath, think critically, and solve as per your understanding. 

  1. Time management

To effectively complete the maths paper, time management is very important. Reading the questions incorrectly, deriving the wrong solutions, being very slow, consuming too much time in a single question, feeling blank out, panicked, etc can be the reasons behind poor time management skills in the maths exams. 

All students must avoid all this. Utilize the installation fifteen minutes effectively. Also, don’t feel blank when not able to solve a particular question. The first attempt all the questions you know and later in the remaining time come to the ones you left. Wear a watch and always keep track or eye on the time. 

  1. Present the paper neatly

To score well in the exams, presentation plays an important role. When students make calculative mistakes, and do lots of cuttings, scribbling, or overwriting, the paper becomes untidy and confusing. This makes it difficult for the teachers to check. Even if you get accurate answers, an untidy paper can create confusion. Avoid this and focus on effective preparation. On every sheet make a  column on the side for rough work and calculations. Step by step solves the maths problems neatly. 

  1. Maintain the right solving speed and accuracy

In maths exams, you get many applicative questions. In every question, you have to apply a formula, calculate and derive the accurate answer. When students have slow solving speed, they consume too much time doing a single question, and this makes them leave with less time for further ones.  And this can make you lose marks.

To avoid this from happening with you, maintain the right solving speed. Read the question properly, note down the values given, think of the right formula, and start solving. Also, make sure to put the right signs. Be accurate with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, if appearing for the paper via online education mode, make sure to check your internet connection and device so that you can do and submit the paper timely. 

  1. Recheck the calculations

Many times, when students are in a hurry, stressed, or generally too, they make calculative mistakes. Making errors in calculations make you get inaccurate answers which affect your scores. To avoid this from happening, always recheck your calculations.

 Firstly, when doing the calculations, apply the right signs, formulas, and figures. With proper focus, make the right calculations. Secondly, after completing the question, before moving to the next one, quickly recheck your calculation. Also ensure to make out at least ten to fifteen minutes in last to revise the whole paper, make corrections and submit it timely. 


To score well in maths exams, effective preparation and lots of practice are a must. Along with that students should take care to attempt the paper properly. By following the above-mentioned tips which are having an exam idea, staying positive, properly presenting, time management, maintaining the right solving speed, and revisions, students can attempt the maths exams properly and score high. 

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