How to Choose the Best Diamond Painting Company

If you’re like many, you’re addicted to watching diamond painting videos on YouTube. Whether you started with diamond painting and sought out videos or discovered the craft because of the videos, you find yourself in need of a diamond painting company. How do you find the right company? Who supplies the best products? Here are some considerations to keep in mind!

High-Quality Canvas

First and foremost, everything you do revolves around the canvas with diamond painting. Therefore, you don’t want to choose a company that opts for cheap material or poor design in this regard. With the best canvas, all the effort you put into your diamond painting won’t go to waste because the canvas will complement your painting.

Poured Glue

While discussing the topic of canvases, the best diamond painting companies use poured glue as the adhesive for their canvases rather than glue sheets. If you’re new to this niche, manufacturers cover their canvas with an adhesive. Some opt for what is essentially a double-sided tape across the canvas. Sometimes, the manufacturers need to use more than one strip of the adhesive just to cover the whole canvas.

Rather than using glue sheets, higher quality is achieved by pouring liquid adhesive over the whole canvas before then being cured. Poured glue provides a better adhesive surface when placing drills and creating your diamond painting.

Clear Symbols

Over the years, some quite horrendous designs have made it to market when they shouldn’t have even gone beyond the manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems is the quality of symbols. To ensure the best quality, choose a company that uses ultra-HD printers for the clearest quality.

AB Drills (Included)

One of the best ways to add stunning sparkle and shine to your diamond painting is to use AB drills. Short for Aurora Borealis (which itself is the official name for the Northern Lights), AB drills offer a stunning glowy effect across your finished painting. By using these shimmering drills instead of the standard ones, you can play around with the effect and really bring your diamond painting to life.

The problem? Not all companies offer AB drills with diamond painting kits. Instead, you need to buy them separately. Thankfully, some companies offer AB drills with kits – what’s more, they use the same DMC numbers so it’s easy to choose the right AB drill for the right position. Often, communities online say that ‘our favourite diamond painting company always includes AB drills’, and it’s hard to blame them.

Simple Instructions

Don’t you just hate it when companies assume that you’re an expert? Whether building a cupboard or completing a diamond painting, they think that we all have advanced degrees in the relevant topics. As you’ve probably guessed, the best diamond painting companies understand that some people won’t have much experience (or any) with this craft. Therefore, they keep all instructions simple.

Customer Service

What if something goes wrong with the diamond painting kit? What if you have a question? Always choose a company with a strong customer support system – the best companies are made up of people who also love diamond painting.

Good Ethics

Finally, the most advanced companies these days have an eye on environmental and societal concerns. Diamond Craft boasts a plastic offset program that makes their product entirely plastic-neutral, and this is something that everybody should get behind. When you support companies like this, you also support important charities and causes that protect our planet.

With these qualities, you’re in a better position to filter the best from the worst!

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