How to Pack Sharp Objects for Moving?

Yes, packing furniture and electronics is one of the most arduous and challenging tasks when moving to a new location.

However, amid all the chaos, we often overlook items like knives, scissors, blades, razors & mirrors.

If not packed properly, sharp objects can harm you and other family members. 

It’s advisable to hire professional moving services to avoid any unfortunate event and relocate all your belongings safely. Visit  and request a quote.

But if you prefer a DIY move, follow a few tips to pack sharp objects safely:

  • Categorise

You can’t just randomly toss-up all your knives or other sharp things in boxes and go. 

These items require extra care and safe handling.

Categorise all the items by their size, use and sharpness to make the moving process a lot easier.

For instance, put all the large and sharp knives in one box and all smaller ones in a separate box.

Similarly, group scissors, staplers, forks, nails and other sharp tools into categories.

  • Wrap each item separately

Before you put items into the box, wrap each item separately and securely.

Some of the wrapping materials to use are:

  • Bubble wrap: It will offer an additional layer of protection around your items and will make the handling process easier.
  • Packing paper: Wrap the sharp edges, knives and blades with packing paper and tape it.
  • Fabric: Use old clothes, towels or anything similar to keep your sharp belongings covered and to prevent any damage to other items.
  • Gather packing supplies

Packing all your sharp items in standard moving containers won’t help you.

Some of the packing supplies you can use are:

  • Shoe boxes: Gather all the empty shoeboxes that are lying around your home to pack your knives and tools. Assign each box to one category of sharp items.

  • Plastic bins: A strong and secure option, without getting cuts.
  • Original boxes: If possible, use the original packaging to provide the maximum protection to your items.

Use the packing paper and tape to seal the containers so that the packaging doesn’t open during transportation.

  • Label boxes

Once you have packed all of your items, label each box to figure the contents at a glance.

Some of the tips to follow are:

  • Use permanent colour markers
  • Label all sides of the container
  • Write what’s in the box
  • Label it as “Handle With Extra Care” in bold letters

This will make the loading, unloading & unpacking process convenient for you and movers too. 

  • Handle them with care

People often injure themselves while carelessly lifting or carrying boxes containing sharp items.

Some of the care tips to follow are:

  • Wear moving gloves 
  • Lift using your legs 
  • Hold the bottom and sides of a box
  • Keep the box close to your body

In the end…

It may sound risky to pack and move sharp items.

However, by following the above tips all your sharp items can reach your new place without any threats.

Be calm and take your time. Even the slightest mistake can be dangerous.

Good Luck!

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