How to safely buy bitcoin with a card

At the website, one has a unique opportunity to buy crypto currency with a debit or a credit card, by using a single touch. It is very simple and profitable. The service is suitable both for experienced traders and for the beginners.

How to buy crypto currency by means of the system

In order to buy crypto currency via the system, one must carry out the following actions:

  • Getting fiat to the rate of crypto currency;
  • Verifying the ID;
  • Entering the info about billing and payment;
  • Receiving the access to the system.

The access to the system will be given almost immediately, in 1 – 2 minutes after these actions have been carried out.

Advantages of the service

The service has many advantages, in comparison with many other services of this type. First, the fees are very low. Only 0.95% is charged for the transaction. Then, transactions are made really fast, in 1 – 5 minutes the user will get the assets. Moreover, the limits are flexible, and maximum transaction limit is quite big, it 25000. The service is convenient, the user can pay both by Visa or MasterCard, there is no fee for a specific card type. Those who have J2TD  Token receive special benefits and preferences. They can receive a part of money from exchange transactions.

The procedure of personal data verification is simple and safe. Personal data is verified in a few steps, and no data is leaked. Confidentiality is controlled.

How the system can be used

J2TX is a service for instant purchase of crypto currency. With the help of this service, one can easily manage their crypto currency, due to simple and understandable interface. There are convenient tools for buying crypto values in the most profitable way. Transactions are very fast and easy, and they help to gain experience, that is very important. The app combines many functions and work with all types of crypto currency.


The user’s assets are insured, and it has a crucial importance. The system uses the most popular security systems in order to provide safety trading for the users. The risks are reduced to minimum. Any user, before using the service, signs an agreement about privacy policy and confidentiality. The verification procedure and simple but efficient, and it helps to minimize the possibility of fraud.

Technical support

For those who have some questions, there is 24-hour technical support. The service of technical support consult the users about different aspects of crypto trading, including the problems of safety. Technical support is available via e-mail, social media and telephone.

In general, the service is quite efficient. According to the users’ reviews, it helps people to trade crypto currency with maximum profits and minimal losses. The service can be recommended to any user interested in crypto currency.

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