How to Solve “Kernel Security Check BSOD” Error in 2 Easy Ways

In a nutshell, it boils down to two significant reasons why the operating system shows a security check error. It’s often regarded as the BSOD (Blue screen of Death) fallacy due to one of the below-mentioned points.

  •  The System needs an update
  •  The compatibility doesn’t synchronize with the file

That leads to a halt and could be a reason to corrupt your other files on the PC as well. So, delaying the underlying problem is just going to add to your trouble.

Follow us through the guide to dive into the details and figure out how are you supposed to tackle that Kernel_Security_Check_Failure in windows 10

 Fix: By a Windows Update

One possible reason could be a message from the system to upgrade or update the Windows. Nothing to worry about in this case because usually, it’s a way opted by the companies to communicate with the prospects and suggest updates.

We would be accompanying you through this,

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Step 1: Head on to the settings to play and hit at the right spot. That fact is too common to ignore because we got to be updated to experience a smooth run, and that’s where you need to be to proceed.

Step 2: Select Update Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates

Once you do that, your system will begin an installation process. All the files that may have been outdated would be revamped on their own. You don’t have to select what needs to be upgraded manually; the system’s algorithm embarks it.

If that doesn’t work, don’t panic and follow the method we’ve devised here for you; let’s find out what it is.

Fix: SFC (System File Check)

It’s another way to go about the same problem but with a different approach set in place. A couple of reasons lead to this; one could be the failed/incompatible driver, and the other one could be a consequence of a corrupt file.

There are some steps that you can follow to process,

Step 1: 

Open your Windows and in the bottom left corner, click on Windows and type Windows Powershell in the bar.

Step 2:

When the window opens, type sfc /scannow to run a file checker on your system. This process will consume some time, so don’t turn off the PC while SFC is still on. Give it its due time, and then hop on to the next step.

Step 3:

Copy and paste the following command in Windows Powershell,

Chkdsk C: /f

Right after it, you need to add Y at the point illustrated in the image below. This will allow the system to reboot once the files are checked. Enter N if you aren’t yet interested in a reboot.

That’s all you’re supposed to do.

Final Words

These are the two most convenient and straightforward methods to nullify the Kernel security error commonly observed in Windows 10 operating system. And make sure the files are saved because up-gradation may not only impede your system but remove the files located in the Windows folder. Move your files and then make a move. Otherwise, you may end up losing your data.

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