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How to Use LED Christmas Lights in Your Home

When it comes to welcoming in the holidays, a seasonal display just wouldn’t be complete without Christmas lights. Sure, the Christmas tree gets a lot of attention for its proximity to all those wrapped gifts, but Christmas lights truly add that extra glow to your holidays that just makes you smile.

For years, incandescent bulbs have been the most popular choice for lighting up your home, tree, and yard for the holidays. However, over the last ten or so years, a new type of Christmas light has surged in popularity: LED Christmas lights. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED Christmas lights (while at a higher up-front cost) are safer, more energy-efficient, and will last many more seasons.

Here, we’re taking a look at unique and creative ways to use LED Christmas lights throughout your entire home. We also discuss some of the many benefits of using LED Christmas lights for your holiday display this year. Read on to make sure that your house is truly the brightest one on the block this holiday season.


In recent years, LED Christmas lights have come to dominate the world of Christmas lights and decorations. Why is this? Compared to other types of bulbs, there are many clear advantages to using LED Christmas lights.

Here are some of the top reasons people are making the switch to LED lights:

  • Energy-efficiency: one of the main selling points of LED lights is their amazing energy efficiency. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights can save up to 90 percent of the energy as used by incandescent lights. They also last much longer, meaning a single string will last you many more seasons.
  • Safety: LED Christmas lights are a much safer option for lighting up your tree and home this year. LED lights are made out of plastic—not glass—so there’s no risk of shattering the bulbs while working on them or if they come into contact with small children or pets. Additionally, LED Christmas lights burn a lot cooler, meaning you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers during the installation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: while some shoppers may shy away from LED lights due to the higher price tag, over time these lights will actually save you money on your holiday decorations. Since they’re more energy efficient, these lights can cut down on your electricity bill this December. Additionally, since they’re more durable and longer lasting, you’ll rarely have to replace LED Christmas lights. As the holidays stack up, so will these savings.
  • Durability: since LED lights are made out of plastic, they’re much less likely to break or suffer an electrical malfunction. This also makes them much easier to store when January rolls around. Simply roll them up and pack them away and you won’t have an unpleasant surprise of broken bulbs when you bring them back out next year.
  • Eco-friendly: since LED Christmas lights are much more energy efficient, this means they’re also better for the environment. Despite advances in renewable energy, most of the electricity in the United States still comes from coal-burning plants, which emit harmful levels of CO2 into the atmosphere. Feel better about your holiday display this year by taking a more eco-friendly approach to your Christmas lights.


Compared to other Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights are safer, more energy efficient, and even more versatile. There are countless creative ways that you can use LED Christmas lights throughout your home and outdoor space. The only real limits would be your imagination (and possibly budget, of course). To help inspire you for the holidays this coming year, here are some creative and classic ways to use LED Christmas lights in your home.

1. Christmas tree lights.

Let’s start with the classics first. LED Christmas lights are perfect for lighting up your tree this year. Since you can find LED lights in practically any size, length, or color, they’ll work for a Christmas tree of any size and match your aesthetic. Since they’re safer than other bulbs, you also don’t have to worry about small children or pets coming into contact with some of the lights on your lower branches.

2. Bannisters and railings.

Turn your stairs into a dazzling holiday display by draping LED Christmas lights around your railings. Using strings of mini LED lights can be perfect for fitting a railing or stairway of any size. With smaller lights they also won’t be overwhelming, but rather, serve as a nice accent to your home.

3. Windows.

Bring a little holiday cheer to your windows this year with a variety of LED Christmas lights. Larger bulbs C6 or C7 LED lights can adorn larger windows while strings of mini LED Christmas lights work well to form a border around windows of any size or shape. You can also use LED icicle lights to give your home a wintery feel—no matter what climate you live in.

4. Bushes and shrubs.

Using LED net lights is the perfect way to adorn your bushes and shrubs outside without having to worry about getting the strings to align perfectly. The net lights will fall uniformly over objects like bushes to give your display that nice even look.

5. DIY chandelier.

Make your own chandelier (some people simply use twigs and branches) and light it up with a string of LED Christmas lights. These can be fun to also hang outside when decorating your outdoor space for December.


Nothing brightens up the holiday season quite like an assortment of LED Christmas lights. Safer and more energy-efficient than other types of holiday bulbs, LED Christmas lights are also versatile and come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors. When planning out your Christmas decorations, consider how LED Christmas lights can provide even more of a holiday glow to your seasonal display.

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