Huawei Band 3e Review|Inexpensive Yet Advanced

With the constant growth of technology, much better capabilities are now crammed into smaller gadgets. Smart bands exceed the limitations of obtaining calls or notices and are recently used as personal medical care companions for many other locations. As part of the competitors, prices are likewise lowering significantly.

The Huawei Band 3e evaluation reveals a smart band with several one-of-a-kind functions in a compact and lightweight design. Pricing is a positive factor. This smart band can be a special deal for normal usage at this low bargain level.

Huawei Band 3e Testimonial

The 3e band is just one of the most up to date Huawei sports armbands, alongside another Band 3 Pro version. A shoe setting is a highly effective smart band with every feature and checks progress and health.

The tool is far cheaper than various other smart bands on the marketplace, yet it provides almost all vital healthcare functions. It aids to stroll, cycle, run and swim. The mobile phone application provides a lot of information by tracking foot strike placing and using movement sensors.

Water Resistance for Swimming Capacity

Huawei Band 3e has IP57 rated water and also dust immune protection. It is screened and can work flawlessly at water up to 50 metres, enabling the user to quickly swim and track fitness records without fretting about damage to the internals.

Lightweight for Better Convenience in Using

The smart band is a Band 3 Pro variation. It is incredibly small, with measurements of 3.9 x 1.5 x 1.1 cm. The bow contains only 13.6 g of silicone, as well as the housing supply, is plastic. The entire item evaluates just 17 g. It is very enjoyable and nearly unimportant to carry for its light and also small kind.

What’s in Package

The Band 3E is available in a 70g box that is 12.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 centimetres and weighs 70g. The product packaging is minimal, including a Huawei Band 3E, a belt to put on in the hands, a user handbook, a shoe fastening for connecting the band to footwear, turns on shoes setting, and a USB port linking to power banks.

Basic and also Minimalistic Style

The smart band has a 40 x 14.8 mm OLED screen with 480 x 800 pixels resolution. It shows primary indicators to represent notices and also other feeds. The Huawei Health mobile phone application includes every one of the information. The silicone bracelet is offered in black, environment-friendly, pink, grey, and blue.

It can be put on as an armband or footwear buckle by attaching it to the footwear fastening. The tracker is detachable from the armband as well as may be charged through a USB port. While attached to the buckle, it immediately moves in between modes. The Band 3E does not have a camera. However, the 3 Pro does. The operation is simple, and also the band appears advanced and also uncomplicated.

Accessing With Smart devices

The smart band is usable in both Android and IOS, with Huawei Health and wellness. The minimal requirements for installing the free app are Android 4.4 as well as iPhone 9.0. Bluetooth can pair the app with the device.

The Huawei Wellness application is extremely easy to make use of and also highly informative as well. It can be made use of to plan training or established reminders. It additionally supplies different landmarks and boosts the user to utilise medals increasingly more. The software program is basic yet quite a convenient general.

Durable Battery Life

There is a 77mAh battery on the Huawei Band 3E. It offers adequate power for regular usage over 21 days. On standby, rest monitoring might last for as much as 12 days in wrist mode. It will maintain 40 hrs of continuous use in the shoe setting.

All these battery performances are billed only for around 2 hours charge. Offered all the functions, the battery is durably contrasted to various other smart bands of the same price, permitting the individual time to offer healthcare without bothering with recharge more often.


The Huawei Band 3E review reveals that the smart bracelet can be an amazing device for individuals looking for a clever and economical choice to boost their health and wellness by working with endurance, weight decrease, and monitoring progression.

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