Is Your Golf Game on Par?: 5 Benefits of Using Golf Rangefinders

Are you looking to improve your golf game?

Golf rangers are a great tool for any golfer. They help you get an accurate distance from the flagstick and other hazards on the course.

This allows you to make better decisions when it comes to club selection and shot planning. It also helps prevent costly mistakes that can cost strokes in tournaments or games with friends.

Here are 5 benefits of golf rangefinders!

1.) For Beginners & Pros

Golf rangefinders are made for players at all levels who want to increase accuracy and decrease fear on the course. A glance from 200 yards out can give you an idea of how far away the hole is, or if a hazard needs to come into play on your next shot.

This is also useful for golf pros who want more accurate data when creating custom ranges for their clients. Golf rangefinders are an easy and effective way to take your game to the next level.

2.) Saving Time

Provided that you’ve spent a little time practicing with your rangefinder, then you’ll likely notice a significant decrease in time spent at the tee box. Once you know the distance of each club, you no longer have to take out multiple clubs and make extra swings to figure out which one is best – Saving a ton of time!

Granted this will take some practice and it’s only accurate if done right before hitting) but once mastered, it can shave minutes off of your play

3.) Saving Money and Investment

A rangefinder can be used on the course (saving your game), but also to scout out potential courses before you invest in a membership. ​Knowing what holes are long or short, along with the intricacies of the surrounding environment (trees to avoid, water features that come into play) can help you save hundreds of dollars should you decide not to join a certain course.

4.) Increasing Accuracy

Golf is already an incredible game of precision — it makes sense that using rangefinders will increase your accuracy! Essentially, if you know how far away something is, then you’ll be able to make better decisions about whether or not to use a driver, 3-wood, or 5-iron on your next shot. If you second guess your clubs and don’t play to the yardage, then it’s only a matter of time before you hit into the trees or water.

5.) Decreasing Fear of Club Choice

Once you know that 200 yards out are an 8 iron and 230 is a 9-iron, then you no longer have to second guess your swing speed based on distance alone. The true number of potential strokes can now come from knowledge about how far different kinds of swings go — not from lack of distance information.

This gives players more confidence when approaching shots as well as makes them less likely to be annoyed by playing partners who take long pauses at the tee box (because they’re trying to calculate yardage in their head).

Precision Pro can really help you improve your game.

Want More Information on Golf Rangefinders?

Golf rangefinders have been around for a while now and they’ve evolved over the years. They are not just used to measure distances, but also as an aid in putting, fairway shots guidance, or club selection.

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about how to use a golf rangefinders, and take a look at the best golf rangefinder, then check out our blog where we cover everything there is to know about how to choose a golf rangefinders.

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