Ladder Golf Rules – It’s A Different Swing Man!

In our second article on the fun game of ladder ball we look at how you go about building your own set. Now this isn’t for everyone we realise, you may not have the space, the time or energy to go about building a set. But if building something from scratch or the budget is really feeling the pressure these days, then building your own ladder ball set might be just your ticket.

Now there are a few things you are going to need to build a set and hopefully these will be lying around the house for you. If they aren’t and you can’t access them easily or cheaply, then perhaps considering purchasing a set might be for you.judi bola We were having a look on the net earlier and you can pick up sets for under $30. So please do keep this in mind as we work through the steps below.

So what will you need? Well we have put together a list of how we went about building ours; we wanted to see how we got on with a little project like this. We have used certain materials, like PVC and some glues, but you don’t have to follow this as prescriptive. We found they worked for us. So for example we are using PVC for the horizontal and vertical polls, but you could use some other hard plastic tubing or some old dowling lying around. Whatever is the cheapest and easiest to lay your hands on.

Materials list:

Hack saw: needed for cutting PVC lengths;

Knife for making appropriate length cuts in the bolas rope;

A pack of 12 old golf balls. It would be great if they are 6 of one color and 6 of the other, but if not we can paint these later;

Epoxy resin glue for securing the PVC pieces together providing a good tight fit;

A drill and bit for coring through the golf balls. Then a hole in each golf ball the rope is going to be thread through to a golf ball at each end;

As mentioned above some rope then that will have a golf ball attached at each end;

PVC piping;

PVC elbows and T fittings;

Some spray paint that suits whatever color you want to paint the set with and the golf balls; and

Some rope.


So the first step now is to cut the PVC into pieces. Make 12 measuring 12 inches in length and 18 measuring 24 inches in length.

If you want to paint the PVC now is the time, before they are assembled.

Once all the PVC is dry assemble it using 9 of the 24 inch sections on the horizontal sections and 6 of the 12 inch pieces on the vertical sections. Then repeat the process so you now have two ladders.

The final stage really is the bola construction. You want to cut the rope so you have 12 16 inch pieces. Take each piece and thread onto their respective ends a golf ball. You can either use your boy scouts training here in using knots to hold the balls in place, or some glue like we did. This provides a safer and nicer finish.

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