Mold in your home: where does it come from, and why is it dangerous?

One day you notice that damp spots with a grey or black coating have appeared in the corners of your walls and ceiling. Looking more closely, you find these ugly spots in many other places. And the worst thing is that over time there are more such spots. They increase in size and spread an extremely unpleasant odor. Let’s face it – your home has been attacked by mold. But why did this happen, and what does it threaten us with? How to get rid of this misfortune without damage to housing and our health? How can professional cleaning companies like mold remediation services Long Beach help you tackle this problem?

What is mold, and how to spot it in your home?

Mold (also known as a fungus) is one of the oldest organisms on our planet. Even cockroaches will envy its resilience because it is believed that mold spores do not care about the lowest temperatures, and they can travel in the air without losing their basic functions. However, they need warmth and high humidity to thrive. The mold that has already grown in such conditions feels great in the cold.

The basis of the mold fungus is mycelium (or mycelium), which is fixed on the surface and penetrates deep into its structure. Therefore, organic matter, such as wood, becomes the most favorable environment for mold. However, you should know that the fungus develops well, even on stone surfaces penetrating into micro cracks. What you see outside is a slippery dark coating, growths, fluff – is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if you wipe these formations with special care, you will see them again very soon. It’s difficult even for the experts like mold remediation services Long Beach to deal with it.

When viewed very closely, for example, through a microscope, you can see what the mold actually looks like. This is a set of long thin threads, at the ends of which there are tiny balls. It is in them that spores ripen – mold seeds, which are very dangerous for people and animals.

You can understand that mold has already entered your home and you urgently need the help of mold remediation services Long Beach by some noticing these signs:

  1. The air in the rooms becomes stale, heavy, it is difficult to breathe. It looks like the house hasn’t been ventilated for a long time.
  2. Humidity is noticeably high. This is clearly seen in the condition of linen, towels, and other textiles: things do not seem to dry out completely; they remain damp and cold.
  3. The condition of the residents is deteriorating for no apparent reason. There is sneezing, runny nose, intense cough; eyes are often watery. Redness or inflammation appears on the skin, accompanied by itching. It may even lead to hair loss.
  4. Specific smell. It occurs when mold spores are set free to fly through the indoor air during mold growth.

How do mold remediation services Long Beach remove mold on the walls?

Even completely re-gluing all the wallpaper in the house, it’s impossible to get rid of the mold. The visible manifestation of the fungus indicates the need for careful treatment of the walls with antiseptic agents and waterproofing. The following actions might be taken by mold remediation services Long Beach to eliminate this dangerous fungus.

– removing the wallpaper on which mold has appeared.

– all loose surfaces must be carefully cleaned.

– wetting the walls with water will block the mold spores from spreading.

– removing the plaster layer.

As a remedy for fungus, it is recommended to use a fungicidal solution or products which do not contain chlorine because they are safe for people and animals.

To sum up, you should know that mold is extremely dangerous for both homes and the people living in them, and this problem requires an urgent solution. The best way to get rid of this annoying fungus is by applying to the local specialized cleaning services.

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