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Online Trade Shows offered a new Era by Promoting Business Techs

Online trade shows can be planned with the latest technologies and have a winning edge over physical trade shows.

Online trade shows allow you to connect with sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors on the screen to generate leads for businesses.

Below are some best practices that online trade shows offer to promote business techs!

  • Allow to Create 3D Designs

You can customize the landing pages with beautiful welcome templates for attendees and exhibitors. Visual 3D designs are great to give a long-lasting impression of your online trade show.

Moreover, exhibitors have multiple easy options to customize the booths without putting extra hours like in physical trade shows.

  • Use Latest Technologies

The use of the latest technologies in an online trade show is appealing for marketers and audiences. Use data gathering technology to know what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

You can improve the booth experience using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality etc. Virtual reality (VR) can be used to explore virtual trade shows or to give a demonstration about a certain product or service. 

If you want to use virtual reality (VR) technology, you will need a VR editing tool, tripod, and camera.

Also, make sure your attendees come with a VR headset. If you can send them a VR headset it will be a better option.

  • Allow Tools for Streaming of Online Trade Show

For a successful online trade show, you have various options from which you can figure out the best streaming software. For example, you can check INXPO, 6Connex, Map Your Show, eZ-Xpo, GoExhibit, AladdinB2B platforms for this purpose. 

Check the complexity of every platform before taking off your online trade show.

  • Get Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software are your managers for;

  • Sending follow-up emails
  • Sending reminders to the registered participants for the online trade show
  • Tracking the attendee’s engagement

Event marketing tools will organize your work for fewer challenges and issues during the trade show.

  • Offer a wider reach

Virtual trade shows have shown an increase in 8 to 10 times in attendee registration as compared with traditional trade shows. For example, physically impaired or disabled persons can also participate and get benefits. Similarly, a lot of people across the globe have the accessibility to join the show that in another case (physical trade show) may not be possible. All these features will result in more leads for a business.

  • Offer less Cost

The overall cost for online trade shows is less as compared with the physical trade shows. Participants can save their time from traveling, and staying.

You don’t need to pay rental dues to accommodate the attendees for the trade show. You may also be eliminated from providing the parking facilities. The setup and equipment used for the physical trade show are also expensive as compared with online trade shows.

The registration cost can also be decreased to encourage a larger number of participants in the event to generate more leads.

  • Generates More Leads

With the easy accessibility of attendees to the exhibitors and implementing the right event marketing strategies, there are chances of building strong relationships. These relationships can result in more leads generation as compared with physical trade shows. 

  • Mobile Apps for Events

The use of mobile apps in online trade shows is a promising effective approach in the current era. 

Almost 92 % of people (age range; 18-34 years old) in the US have an easy approach to mobile devices. 

The mobile apps allow exhibitors to directly contact visitors for online trade shows. Make sure your app is optimized for the best user experience. For example, the app should be able for;

  • Reflecting on the purpose of your event
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Conducting surveys for attendees
  • Live group or individual chat options

You can further monetize the app with sponsored content or Google ads.

  • Use Live Chat Tools

A live chat feature between exhibitors and attendees is a powerful way to generate leads for businesses. Chatbot can help you to save your budget.

Unlike physical events where the participants have to be in queues around the booth, you can make an easy 1:1 connection along with personal assistance to the visitors.

Moreover, you can make a separate option on the platform to add FAQs that will further reduce the hurdle to answer the same queries again and again.

  • Optimize On-Event Updates and Sales

 Like a physical trade show, you have to update your attendees in an online trade show. For this purpose, you can use a pop-up or push notification system on the platform.

While showing the product or service demonstration, the exhibitors can offer on-the-spot offers to sell the product. If the attendees like it, they will purchase it. You can set an online shop in your online trade show for this purpose. This sale funnel is more effective as compared with the physical event’s sale funnel.

  • Arrange Live Webinars

In online trade shows or live webinars, you have no limit to invite speakers or attendees. You can also arrange a live Q&A session in webinars to increase attendee’s engagement.

Take advantage of this opportunity and engage your audience more to generate more sales for your business.

  • Check Overall Analytics

ROI reports are very important in defining future strategies of your business. Unlike physical events, you can collect and analyze detailed data of the online trade show. This data may be about the number, sources, and retention time of attendees.

Moreover, your platform or service provider can help you by providing real-time records of the show.

  • Allow Download options 

All attendees have easy options to download the available content (such as videos, slides, documents, etc.) 

  • Enjoy Comfortable Experience

It is not worthwhile for some individuals to spend their whole day traveling, and staying in hotels to join a physical trade show and resulting in an exhausting day.

Online trade shows will be more convenient and comfortable in this aspect.

Moreover, unlike physical events, you can run the online trade show as long as you need. As an exhibitor, you will have the option to examine queries, feedback, or purchasing details. 

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