Only the Best: Your Criteria When Considering a Mattress Upgrade

You’re going to need to put a lot of thought into buying a new mattress, mainly since it will involve a lot of money – meaning it will be one of your most important long-term investments. Why is it important? Well, not only are you going to get a good night’s rest if you pick the right mattress for your beauty sleep, but you’ll benefit a whole lot more while you’re awake because you’re well-rested. So what thought goes into buying a great mattress?

The Amount Of Comfort You’ll Have

A person’s comfortability dictates if the mattress they bought could be considered the best mattress most of the time. And there are quite a bit of factors that go into “comfort” when it comes to your bed. But, of course, it will also vary depending on the person, so how can you decide on something so vague? Well, for starters, the factors of softness or firmness, or mattress size, or even mattress type.

So why is comfort a huge factor? Try imagining that you’ve bought one of the most expensive mattresses that you could find in the store, but later on, it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price that you bought it for. You don’t like the feel of the materials, or you don’t like how it’s a little too firm, or it feels a little too cramped. So you’re going to want to prioritize how comfy you feel lying on the mattress.

The Mattress Type You’ll Buy

Almost 100% of the time, you can associate the firmness and the softness with the mattress type – keep in mind, though, that even among the different mattress types, they have their firmness levels. This is the part where you’re going to put in a lot of thought since there are many different types of mattresses out there. Although there are three common types, you should consider all of your options with the niche mattress types.

The three common mattress types you’ll find in the stores will be the traditional spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses – a combination of the former two types. Spring mattresses are firmer than memory foam mattresses, whereas hybrids are a happy middle. In addition, you should consider the different types like air mattresses, water mattresses, latex mattresses, and even adjustable beds!

The Firmness Level You’d Like

The firmness of a mattress is kind of a weird topic to work around since everyone has different experiences with how a mattress feels – even if it’s all the same firmness level. For the feel of the firmness since how the mattress will feel and whether you’re getting it or not is entirely up to you! It’s also affected by physical factors like your body size and shape and your body weight.

The way you feel for the firmness is really up to the first moments that you lay down on the bed. First, is it too soft for your body to the point that you’re sinking into the middle of the bed? Or are you just resting on the bed? Next is if you’re feeling a good resistance on your back or if the bed is wrapping itself around your body shape.

The Mattress Size You’ll Need

Mattress size is something you’ll also want to consider when buying a new mattress or even just an upgrade. Think about the size that you’ll need so that you can have enough space to move around and toss-and-turn on your bed. After all, a considerable amount of wiggle room is vital to feeling comfortable when having a good night’s rest. You won’t feel comfortable if your mattress size is too small, right?

So think about the mattress size that would fit the lifestyle that you have at the moment. For example, will you need enough space for two people, or maybe two and a half people if your children love sleeping alongside you. Maybe think about getting a bed that’s a little more spacious compared to your last mattress to give yourself some more room. Do be wary of the dimensions, though. You don’t want to see your bed flopping over the sides, now would you?

The Price You Can Confidently Pay

Ultimately, the factor that would decide if you’re getting that dream mattress of yours is if you can afford it or not – the price. To avoid running into the issue of biting off more than you can chew, you should set a budget for yourself and ask for mattresses that would fall in a specific range. That way, you can find a mattress that you can confidently buy since you know you can afford it! Don’t worry; there are a lot of great mattresses that are at a lower price point.


It wouldn’t hurt to do some research about mattresses before you step out of your house to go to the mattress store, right? A little more knowledge about a big purchase would go a long way for you. It would make the trip a whole lot quicker and easier. Try making a mental note, too, for specific criteria you’d like filled out. Finally, and most importantly, try out the mattresses before you buy them!

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