Painting The Dream: The Story of Ruth Mwende Mutisya

Ruth Mwende Mutisya is a 26-year-old Kenyan Visual Artist and Sculptor. She graduates from Kenyatta University in December with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Ruth began painting and sketching art at the age of 5. As a child, that’s all she wanted to do.

One of her mentors, Cyrus Kabiru, who is considered a top five Kenyan Artist, talks about his first impression meeting Ruth at the African Arts and Culture Festival in 2018. “Over 170 artists began lining their tents down, but one that stood out among so many incredible artist and artwork was Ruth’s self-entitled signature art piece, the Mutisya,” recalls Cyrus.

He was in awe Ruth sold all 18 canvasses of the “Mutisya” on display. He was even more enamored by its visual elements, color scheme, shape, texture, line, and the glossy matte finish.

Ruth has accomplished so much at the age of 25. Kenyan Politician and County Woman Representative, Honorable Esther Passaris praises Ruth in October 2019 at the Heinrich Boll Foundation. “She is a great service to our community, and I am so proud of her” says the county woman representative. The foundation seeks to promote gender rights, democracy and humanity rights and self-determination and justice.

Ruth left, Kenyan Politician and County Woman Representative, Honorable Esther Passaris, right

In 2019, Ruth received the Kenya science & engineering affair award that recognizes individuals that protect our health and environmental well-being through Art. In 2020 Ruth received the Afrika Nasaha award for nurturing young talents through art. Afrika Nasaha plays a pivotal role for the development of at-risk youth. In 2021, Ruth received a certificate in three-dimensional drawing from Afrika Nasaha. Ruth also enjoys teaching Art and uses it as a platform to encourage self-expression.

 Ruth homeschooling a Child


  Ruth at Loreto Convent Secondary School   

Ruth’s Art has been acknowledged by some of the renowned Kenyan Artists including Cyrus Kabiru, Miriam Syowia Kyambi and Beatrice Wanjiku

Ruth’s Art are on display at Art Orodha Kenya, Afrika Nasaha, Kahawa Sukari Estate, Loreto Convent Secondary School, and sold in several shops across Kenya.

Ruth interacting with the owner of Red Hill Art Gallery in Limuru, Nairobi

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