There can be no replacement for good literature. Sadly most of the kids of the present generation do not fully comprehend the joy of reading. It takes expert parenting skills to make your kids see the magical experience that a book has to offer. Continue reading to learn more about the parental role in raising a reader. 

Start early: Authors have written books for every age. There is a vast amount of children’s books available in the market. These books are not only informative but also help in cognitive growth for your child. Toddlers and kids below the age of five might enjoy books with more pictures in them, while the older kids will like something with a proper storyline. 

  • While buying a book for the kids, make sure you study the age for which the book is written. If you provide the kids with books that are tough for them to comprehend, they will show disinterest. 
  • There are leveled books available in the market to help parents find the best possible books for their children. These books are categorically designed for different age groups and their specific requirements. 

Remove Distractions: Smartphones and social media can be very addictive, especially for kids, because they do not know when to stop using them. Countless hours of mobile games and online videos will most definitely hinder their cognitive and psychological growth. When they are high on these 15 seconds TikTok videos, it is quite impossible to get their attention back to books. That is why as a parent, it is your responsibility to reduce distractions to help them focus on the study. Set specific time dedicated for TV and mobile usage, the rest of the times should be free of screen time. 

Set an Example: If your child sees you using digital gadgets all the time and not reading enough books, they will only follow in your footsteps. Therefore, it is important to set an example for them to follow. Make sure you reduce TV time in the house and replace the same with reading books. When the children see adults enjoying a good book and talk about the books among themselves, they too find an interest to read new books and be part of the grown-up circle.

Study Techniques: Encourage your child to read out loud so that you may correct any errors in pronunciation. Reading aloud and close reading techniques help one to focus on a particular topic at hand. These study methods let one get the complete meaning of the passage. 

  • Make sure kids do not skip over a passage just because it is hard for them to comprehend the meaning. 
  • Ask them to repeat harder passages and make notes on the copy of the lines they find difficult to follow. The doubts can later be cleared with adult supervision.  

Books belong everywhere, so you may use books as a décor to enhance the beauty of a place. Keep interesting books on the coffee table so that anyone can grab one and enjoy a leisurely reading. 

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