Preventing and Dealing With Injuries by Dogs


For the years 2019 to 2020, one survey found that 63 million American households owned at least one dog. The United States has a love affair with dogs possibly because dogs are natural therapists, according to other surveys.

As lovable as dogs are, it’s important to remain a responsible dog owner. How you care for your furry friend impacts other people, especially those who pick other pets as their favorite.

Here we outline five ways to prevent and deal with injuries by dogs.

1. Train Your Dog

Although humans have domesticated dogs, deep within they still carry traces of their ancestors. Estimates show that dogs descend from wolves living in Europe at least 19,000 years ago. Some dog’s lineage traces back to Asia over 32,000 years ago.

Dogs are still canines, and all require training to live among humans. For example, puppies need to learn that they don’t go inside their owner’s home unless they relieve themselves on a pee pad.

Aggressive hound breeds need to learn the difference between a human friend and a foe.

Training a dog in the basics protects them from themselves too. If they escape from your property, they’re not running out in the wild. They’re running among other humans, traffic, and machines, which can cause them serious injury.

2. Keep Your Dog Safe

To prevent your dog from biting another canine, animal, or human, it’s important to keep the hound safe. American Independence Day fireworks are far more spectacular and loud than they were a decade ago. These pyrotechnics are beautiful to watch, but they cause anxiety in some dogs.

The evening of Independence Day marks the time when the majority of dogs go missing. If they’re left alone, the noises scare them to the point where they seek shelter. Local animal authorities stay busy on the 5th of July gathering the canines and searching for their owners.

A responsible dog owner keeps their companion safe year-round. Provide outdoor security in a sturdy and tall fence. When they remain on your property, they’re less likely to cause injury. Dog owners also know that pet insurance is a must. No matter how safe owners keep their dogs, accidents do happen, which is why it’s important to have reliable and affordable pet insurance.

3. Avoid Risky Situations

The law and courts acknowledge that every party carries a degree of responsibility. A responsible dog owner prevents injury caused by their dog by keeping them safe. However, dog owners can’t control the actions of others.

Adults shouldn’t taunt other people’s dogs. Moreover, adults should teach their children to respect the canines by leaving them alone. Therefore, adults have a responsibility to avoid risky situations to prevent injuries caused to their person by dogs.

4. Seek Medical Help

A person who experiences an injury caused by a dog must seek medical help immediately. Medical professionals treat the impacted area to prevent an infection. They also try to reach the dog owner to find out if the hound has an updated rabies shot. In emergency cases, the patient receives treatment against the virus.

Seeking medical help is also the first step in building a personal injury case. If the injury was not the injured party’s fault and they’re seeking compensation, document the injuries, medical treatment, and the cause of the dog bite.

Mail persons, delivery professionals, and cable installers confront people’s dogs daily. Legally, the owner must place the dog in a safe place so the workers can complete their tasks. Others dogs get loose and bite out of fear. Yet, that falls on the dog owner’s lap.

5. Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer

If your dog injuries another person, you’re liable for the injuries and just compensation. However, you’re not liable for compensation beyond what medical professionals, such as an independent medical examiner, find necessary.

If you experience an injury caused by a dog and you weren’t negligent, you have a case against the dog owner. Speak with a professional personal injury lawyer who walks you through the steps. Even though you’re within your right to bring legal action against the defendant, taking tact and legal precision are musts. JT Legal Group offers additional guidance here.


Dogs are happiest when their owners are responsible. Responsible dog owners feed their company a healthy diet, help them receive enough exercise, and train them so they don’t pose a danger to themselves or others. If something goes wrong, speak with medical and legal professionals to receive additional guidance.

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