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Quick And Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rats

There can be nothing more distressing and embarrassing than to know that there are mice at home. They can cause enough damage to your property with their ability to gnaw through wood, plastic, wire, and even mild steel. These nasty rodents also contaminate food and spread diseases and infections through their urine and droppings, which makes it more important to get rid of them completely.

There are two types of rat species in the UK, the brown rat or the common rat and the black rat or Ship rat. These versatile rodents will not leave any opportunity to enter your home. While black rats are good climbers, brown rats build burrows, preferably near sheds, walls, and garages.

We often look for effective and quick ways to get rid of rats. While using rat traps, chemical baits, snap traps and live traps are all excellent methods for getting rid of rats, professional pest control is the most effective way to get rid of them quickly.

Best professional pest control in Manchester

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Their BPCA-trained employees are experts to carry out pest control services offering sound advice and carrying out cost-effective and efficient pest control treatments. Once you contact them, they will visit your place with an appointment for a survey and necessary treatment.

Keeping away rats from your home

Rats and mice look for areas that could provide them with the basic means to survive like water, food, and shelter. Hence, the first step to getting rid of these rodents is to make your home rat-proof to prevent an infestation. They eat almost everything but prefer to have small amounts of different foods.

Following these tips will help you prevent rat problems in your home.

  • Seal all holes, crevices, gaps, and cracks to ensure rats do not use these as hiding places.
  • Store all food items in glass or metal containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your home and garden clutter-free for rats to have less space to hide.
  • Place outdoor garbage in metal bins with secured lids.
  • Avoid pet foods and bird feed to litter on the ground.
  • Avoid having a compost heap with organic food waste in the garden.

Methods to get rid of rats

There are some specific and quick methods to eliminate rats from your home and property area.

  • Baited and un-baited traps can be left in hidden areas in the home near food sources or attics and basements for trapping the mouse.
  • Glue boards are easy traps used for mice.
  • Snap trap kills the rat instantly by delivering a blow to the head.
  • Poisoning is the last option if all methods fail though it would take time to kill the rats.

Taking the services of a professional and experienced pest control service is the best option to eliminate rat problems from your home as they would know how to remove rat infestation most effectively and quickly.

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