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Ranjit Bawa Net Worth 2020

Ranjit Bawa Net Worth

Ranjit Bawa, an Indian singer, was born in 15 February 1989, and His Basic source of income is singing and acting. In 2020, Bawa’s revenue is approximately $1Million-$5Million. His gain is growing up very quickly.

Ranjit made his debut in 2015, singing his first song “Jatt Di Akal,” a record-breaking song and broke many Punjabi records. He started his career four years ago and sang 63 songs already. His estimated earning of a year is $189.1k-$254.3k. Bawa makes a lot by singing; he has also contracted with many movies and acts his other way of making money.

Net Worth: Approximately $1million-$5Million.

Full name Ranjit Bawa
Date of Birth 15 February 1989
Birth Place Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Age 31
profession Singer, Actor

Ranjit’s Earning in 2020:

Ranjit approximately makes $33.4k-$44.9k in 2020 from January to July.

Month Earnings
January $7.9k-$10.7k
February $5k-$6.7k
March $4.2k-$5.6k
April $4.5k-$6k
May $3.4k-$4.5k
June $3.6k-$4.9k
July $4.9k-$6.6k

Professional Earning:

Ranjit is a world music singer; he succeeded in his first work, ‘Jatt Di Akal’; his first singing song broke the numerous sales record in the Punjabi market. Ranjit also has a Brit Asia Award-winning work; his album ‘Miitti Da Bawa’ rewarded this fame in 2015. Seven hit tracks were in that famous album. He is renowned for single tune songs and sings a massive number of available pieces so far. Ranjit also acted on Eight movies. He is a talented actor. A semi-biographical film of an activist’s life played a title rule of Toofan Singh in his first movie released in 2015.  Ranjit has got healthy payment from the film also. Ranjit has dealt with many sponsorships from which he makes money.



Using media:

Ranjit has 3.4 Million followers on Instagram, and he posted 2159 posts on it. Ranjit Bawa has a youtube channel of his own, and he has 569k followers. He got thousands, millions of views on his uploaded videos of his singing and some movie clips. Ranjit earns a lot using social media.

Bawa also likes to perform on stages. Bawa performs on different kinds of live shows. He generally contracted 11 lack of rupees per song. Bawa is one of the wealthiest Punjabi singers. He is the owner of a charming house and has a good collection of luxury cars and beautiful bikes. The revenue of Ranjit moves on an increasing path.

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