Reasons why you should opt for a Data Analytics Certification

Data is considered the new currency in the business world, and it is growing in number with each passing minute. As the world takes the digital route to interact, do business, shop and do a lot more – data is getting generated in a large amount. 


All the information that this data carries is invaluable to a business looking to design and launch new products and services. For this, firms hire data analysts that extract useful information from data. This popular and highly sought-after job role can be pursued with a data analytics certification and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider it. 


Data is here to stay 


As per Techjury, nearly 1.7 MB of data was produced every second in 2020 and this number will grow to more than 200 zettabytes of data by 2025. This in a nutshell proves that data is growing at dizzying speed and its impact on the business industry is a lasting one. 


Companies rely on this data to make effective decisions and robust strategies that will meet long term business goals. For this, they need experts who can make sense of such voluminous data. Be it big multinationals or even smaller start-ups, everyone needs data to formulate excellent plans and ideas that can be strategized for profit. 


The growth of data goes hand-in-hand with the expansion of the internet of things (IoT). Given how fast digital technology is speeding up, it is no surprise that data is taking over and will remain the most useful and effective business tool. 


Skill gap 


The growth of data has created many new job opportunities in this field. Organizations realize that they need a specialist who can comprehensively gather and analyze the vast data. Hence, demand for professionals with the requisite skill set is on the rise but there aren’t enough specialists in the market currently creating a vast skill gap in the supply-demand ratio. 


Hence, opting for a certificate in data analytics will give you specialized skills and make you job-ready for an industry that is actively seeking professionals like you. 


Good pay package 


Given that every business is completely dependent on data for work operations, they realize the value of an expert data analyst in the team and are willing to pay a good pay package to source out the right talent. 


Also, the vast skill gap caused by high demand and low availability of data analysts is another contributing factor that can help you land a good package. 


Immense growth 


As a data analyst, you will be on an important designation in the company where your inputs will be considered for various decision making. All the more, data is a growing field and each day leads to new discoveries and technological updates. So, on this profile, you will get to learn and grow a lot.


Moreover, it will give you a chance to expand upon your current potential and get promoted to a higher job role in the same vertical. Also, being a data analyst gives you a chance to grow on a personal level too as it enhances your soft skills such as leadership expertise, analytic and critical thinking skill, and also creativity. 

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